As the player begins to approach Hairdresser Kyuubee, he notices that Kyuubee seems rather annoyed. In an effort to understand his frustration, the player approaches Kyuubee. Instead of getting an answer, Kyuubee begins to vent his frustration against the Penanggalan. Kyuubee, realizing the player's presence, tells the player to head off to eliminate the Penanggalan. The player attempts to ask for a reason to kill the Penanggalan, but Kyuubee's urgency and insistence makes the player head off to deal with the Penanggalan.

The player returns to Hairdresser Kyuubee after slaughtering the Youkai and asks Kyuubee for an explanation for his hatred against the Penanggalan. Kyuubee explains that Penanggalan had eaten his hair when he wasn't paying attention and the destruction of his precious hair is an outrage that he would not tolerate. Kyuubee wanted to eliminate the Penanggalan himself, but he says that he would need to be 100 years younger for that to ever happen. It was through the player's actions that he was able to get his revenge against the Youkai who damaged his hair.

Quest Completed.

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