Onigiri Wiki

Weapon Name Bronze (110 Ryou) Silver (140 Ryou) Gold (170 Ryou)
Bamboo Bow 7.14% 4.29% 0.71%
Cedar Spear 7.14% 4.29% 0.71%
Dry Staff 5.83% 4.17% 0.00%
Empty Talisman 5.83% 4.17% 0.00%
Flame Sukedachi Rare6 1.png 5.00% 15.00% 7.50%
Kikuichimonji Rare9.png 1.67% 5.00% 26.67%
Kikusenkaku Rare9.png 1.67% 5.00% 26.67%
Manjusri of Flame Rare6 1.png 5.00% 15.00% 7.50%
Manjusri Talisman 7.14% 4.29% 0.71%
Nihongou Rare9.png 1.67% 5.00% 26.67%
Nora Twin Blades 7.14% 4.29% 0.71%
Pine Staff 7.14% 4.29% 0.71%
Rotted Spear 5.83% 4.17% 0.00%
Rusted Twin Blades 5.83% 4.17% 0.00%
Stone Battleaxe 7.14% 4.29% 0.71%
Sukedachi Sword 7.14% 4.29% 0.71%
Takemitsu Katana 5.83% 4.17% 0.00%
Tsurunobi Bow 5.83% 4.17% 0.00%

Floor 1[]

In the first room, you are greeted by two Pain Daruma and 2 Kijimuna. They will be easy to defeat due to them being the exact same as the monsters surrounding the outside of the dungeon other than their higher levels, health, and attack damage depending on the difficulty chosen upon entry.

Once opened the second room contains 2 Grass Sticky and 2 Kijimuna that stays constant throughout each difficulty level.

When reaching the third room, more Youkai have arrived totaling 3 Grass Sticky and 3 Momijina. Along with the mobs there are two chests hidden in the room. Clearing the room of Youkai allows access to another chest and the portal to the next floor.

Floor 2[]

Room one contains the boss, Morizou, and 2 Kijimuna.The room is fairly smaller to the other previous rooms, but "smaller" just means a slightly tinier giant open space with more than plenty enough room to move around. The Kijimuna provide nothing but backup for the boss, but they can be ignored. When you kill Morizou, the 2 Kijimuna disappear; essentially making them not required to move onto the second room.

The second room contains 2 chests and the portal to exit the dungeon.


There isn't a difficult strategy to defeating this dungeon as all of the Youkai are present outside of the dungeon. Even the boss is located in the Kikaigahara area so that you can learn their attack patterns without much difficulty. The first 3 rooms contain, what can be considered, easy fodder enemies that are evenly spaced to allow 1 to 1 combat or at worst 1 to 2 if you decide to stray closer to the Youkai.

The boss, in the first room of the second floor, is the same Morizou that is located between the Kikaigahara Rest Area and the Kokujou Forest dungeon on the south-west side of Kikaigahara. The only difficult areas a lower leveled player may experience if fighting Morizou for the first time would be the flames it shoots out or the overhead jump it uses to hit and get behind you. Other than those special attacks, it likes to fight close combat style with headbutts and fist-punching.