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Odachi1.pngArondight Rare7.png
Aroundight.png Category Odachi Level Requirement 22
Rarity Red Base Attack 162 ~ 215 (203)
Enhanceable? Yes Innate Effects If under Remaining HP:30%, Pow +7
Western Weapon
Repairable? Yes Innate Skills None
Tradable? Yes Obtained From Sakurajima Depths
Seiryuu Grotto
Monday - Defiled Orb of Blades
Tuesday - Defiled Orb of Flames
Wednesday - Defiled Orb of Ice Crystal
Thursday - Defiled Orb of Wonder
Friday - Defiled Orb of Thunder
Saturday - Defiled Orb of Dark Night
Sunday - Defiled Orb of Light
Selling Price 530 Ryou
In ancient times, a metal giant of the same name swung this blade to strike down massive ships that flew through the air! Though the ships attacked, he carved them down, one after the other. This sword will grant anyone who can wield it that almost limit-less power!