Bestiary Entry 117:[edit | edit source]

Atake's self-introduction:[edit | edit source]

"I'm th' dread Cap'n Atake! Conqueror of th'seas and all who dare set sail. Of course, yer a right exception, [player]! Bless me soul, that strength 'n mercy 'n kindness make ye a shining beacon of hope fer the world! Hehehe! From now on, we'd be right honored tae serve as the [player] pirates! I swear on me beard that we'll keep the seas of Onigashima safe from harm! Feel free tae continue yer travels [player]! We'll hold down th'fort 'ntil ye return!"


Variation of Atake[edit | edit source]

Atake[edit | edit source]



Other Variation[edit | edit source]

Halloween Atake[edit | edit source]

  • Halloween Atake


  • Nature: Beast
  • Dungeon: はろうぃんらんど

Boss Image[edit | edit source]

Enemy 01030.jpg

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