Bazaars are player placed stalls which are used to sell items to other players for spendable Onigiri Coins. Note that freely awarded Onigiri Coins such as those from the login calendar cannot be used. In Onigiri, bazaars are the only method of exchanging items between players.

Bazaar MechanicsEdit

Onigiri has 3 kinds of bazaars which vary in how much content they can display at a time, duration, and in what they can sell as shown below:

Type Obtainable Capacity Can Sell Duration
Bronze Default Bazaar 3 Standard Items* Infinite
Silver Silver Bazaar Ticket 20 Standard Items* and Recipes 1 Day

(default now as of 25/12/2018)

Gold Bazaar Ticket 20 Standard Items* and Recipes infinite
*Non-saleable restricted items

Each item sold in a bazaar has a 30% tax, however, fractions cannot be collected from the bazaar. In the case that there are fractions, only whole Onigiri Coins are collected and fractions will continue to remain in the stall until they add up to an entire coin. Favourited items cannot be sold and Clothes cannot be sold in the US version.

Minimum PriceEdit

When an item is put up for sale, a minimum price is displayed. The set price in the bazaar cannot be lower than this number. Most items have consistent min prices but there are two exceptions:
Magatama Prices:
The minimum price of a magatama often happens to be its chakra cost in the US version. Naturally, this means that both ornaments and broken ornament slots will vary the minimum price.
Weapon Prices:
Weapon minimum prices are based on rarity, level, enhancment level and which region version is being used.

Min Price CalculationsEdit

Note: This is currently on test, if there's some mistake on selling price, just comment below.

For Weapons:

  • Rank_Rate (Default (Including US)):
    • C = 1 (White/Grey Weapons)
    • B = 1 (Blue Weapons)
    • A = 2 (Red Weapons)
    • S = 3 (Gold Weapons)
  • Rank_Rate (JP/TH):
    • C = 0.5 (White/Grey Weapons)
    • B = 0.5 (Blue Weapons)
    • A = 1 (Red Weapons)
    • S = 2 (Gold Weapons)


    • TW = 0.25
    • US = 0.5
    • BR = 0.5
    • TH = 20.0

Weapon Calculations:

  • itemLvPrice = Weapon_Level / 10 (If result is less than 1, the value will be 1)
  • weaponEnhance = (Weapon_Enhancement_Level - 1) / 33 (If result is less than 1, the value will be 1)
  • currentPrice = itemLvPrice * itemLvPrice * Rank_Rate * weaponEnhance
  • Formula = ceil(floor(currentPrice * GLOBAL_MIN_PRICE_MULTIPLIER) * GLOBAL_MIN_PRICE_MULTIPLIER_2)

Magatama Calculations:

  • currentPrice = Magatama_Total_Chakra * 4 * (1 - Magatama_Number_of_Broken_Slot * 0.2)
  • Formula = ceil(floor(currentPrice * GLOBAL_MIN_PRICE_MULTIPLIER) * GLOBAL_MIN_PRICE_MULTIPLIER_2)

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