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Spear1.pngBeast SpearRare9.png
Beast Spear.png Category Spear Level Requirement 56
Rarity Gold Base Attack 785 ~ 1020 (903)
Enhanceable? Yes Innate Effects Dark Element +24
Repairable? Yes Innate Skills None
Tradable? Yes Obtained From Golden Weapon Hunt Youen
Den of Needles
Sekiyou Forest
Bare Hand Cave
Monday - Defiled Orb of Blades
Tuesday - Defiled Orb of Flames
Wednesday - Defiled Orb of Ice Crystal
Thursday - Defiled Orb of Wonder
Friday - Defiled Orb of Thunder
Saturday - Defiled Orb of Dark Night
Sunday - Defiled Orb of Light
Miroku's Bargains (Negotation 5)
Selling Price 12,770
This was once used to drive out Youkai from inhabited areas. Those chosen by the spear as its wielders saw their spirits burst into power, leaving them proof against the attacks of the Youkai! ...Unfortunately, it also drove them into attacking those around when no Youkai were left.