All starting clothing and additional color variations can be bought from the mirror cloud mercer vendor in every city for 10,000 ryou. The player may also purchase additional items available from the start of the game that cost 100,000 ryou each along with additional variations of the starting clothing

Special clothing can be obtained from Nyankoropon by using gacha tickets or Onigiri Coins. The clothing currently available in the Nyankoropon will change when there are Nyankoropon updates. Usually, the 5th machine is removed, then the 1st through 4th machines become the 2nd through 5th and a new machine is added as the first. Players cannot roll for the first machine with tickets. Particle effects can be obtained from the accessories that usually come paired with clothing.

Clothing SetEdit

Clothes that come in sets


  • Ignore some costume/arms/head/etc, mostly always the last part.

Male SetEdit

Male Clothing Set

Female SetEdit

Female Clothing Set

Arms Only - Female Model (Male & Female)Edit

Arms Only

Head Only - Female Model (Male & Female)Edit

Head Only

Underwear (Male)Edit

Underwear Male

Underwear (Female)Edit

Underwear Female


Accessory can be equipped through the accessory equipment slots in the player's equipment screen

The effects will remain until the accessory expires. Most accessories last for 30 days.
Particle Effects will remain even after the expiration.

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