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Sword1.pngFlame Sukedachi Rare6 1.png
Flame Sukedachi.jpg Category Sword Level Requirement 5
Rarity Blue Base Attack 45 ~ 58 (52)
Enhanceable? Yes Innate Effects Fire Element +5
Repairable? Yes Innate Skills Crimson Sword - II
Tradable? Yes Obtained From Onigashima Training Grounds
Abou Forest
Den of Karma
Cave of Screams
Daiku Cave
Kokujou Forest
Cave of Dreams
Ooyama Residence
Monday - Defiled Orb of Blades
Tuesday - Defiled Orb of Flames
Wednesday - Defiled Orb of Ice Crystal
Thursday - Defiled Orb of Wonder
Friday - Defiled Orb of Thunder
Saturday - Defiled Orb of Dark Night
Sunday - Defiled Orb of Light
Selling Price 100 Ryou
It may be just a beginner's weapon, but I know that in a pinch, this'll really help you out, <Player>-san!