Sword1Flametusk JahannamRare9
Flametusk Jahannam Category Sword Level Requirement 85
Rarity Gold Attack Range 3628 ~ 3992
(Grade 100)
Base Durability 1000
Enhanceable? Yes Innate Effects ■Basic Combo+25%
■Fire Element+20
■Wind Element+10
■Rain Element-10
■Ice Element-10
■Rank 5+ Sword Skill Force+5%
■If under Remaining HP:50%, Rank 5+ Sword Skill Force+10%
■If under Remaining HP:25%, Rank 3+ Sword Skill Force+10%
Repairable? Yes Innate Skills ●Basic Combo - Blaze
●Ougi Bursting Embers - IV
Tradable? Yes Obtained From None
Recipe From

焔獄魔ガーゴイル討伐(クリア報酬UP中) - Normal (Rank SS/S/A/B)
Assault! Infernal Gargoyle - Infernal Gargoyle Normal (1-5 players)

Reward From None
Selling Price 250,000 Crafted From Oninodachi +50
Infernal Scale x2
Infernal Shell x2
Reversed Compass x1
Quest Reward None
Can Be Smithed Into Flametusk Jahannam - Flare
"This sword sure stands out with its blood-red blade and painfully thorny decorations. The red parts radiate a hellish heat, which is probably how it got its name. It seems like it melts through things instead of cutting them normally...yikes! Watch out for those spiky bits too. This thing seems a little sooty though...maybe it's been covered in ashes?"
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