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Bestiary Entry 006:[]

Shizuka's Bestiary:[]

"For some worldly attachment or another, the bones of warriors or travelers who died on the roadside are animated by strong dying wishes, causing them to rise from their graves and become youkai. As there's nothing left in their skulls, they tend to be very forgetful and act on instinct. While they seem pitiful, clanking around like they do, they're still youkai. Helping them achieve eternal peace isn't necessarily a bad thing." The Gaikotsu's bestiary entry.

Variation of Gaikotsu[]




Frost Gaikotsu[]

  • Frost Gaikotsu

Frost Gaikotsu.jpg

Chibi Kyoukotsu[]

  • Chibi Kyoukotsu

Chibi Kyoukotsu.jpg

  • Nature: Soul
  • Location: None

Other Variation[]

Halloween Gaikotsu[]

  • Halloween Gaikotsu

Halloween Gaikotsu.jpg

  • Nature: Soul
  • Location: None