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A girl summoned by Ashiya Douman and wielding the power of the legendary gargoyles. She has no recollection of her life as a gargoyle, but is aware of her "Kamikui" strength.

Wanting to improve his summoning techniques Douman entered a strange street shop and bought some channeling materials which belonged to gargoyles from the distant past... Through these arcane items this young girl was summoned.

A girl, but also a real deal gargoyle. Neither Douman nor the girl are exactly sure what kind of powers lie dormant within her. Despite a quiet and shy demeanor, she is actually quite friendly. You won’t see her out of control like one of the Kamikui.

Her favorite food is udon because it was the first food she ate after her summoning. Lately she has discovered the deliciousness that is udon toppings, and is obsessed with putting things like eggs, atsu-age, and spices on her udon.

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