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Shizuka's Bestiary:[]

"A youkai that knows the transience of the material world. Sometimes you'll see them stop and think after charging in to attack. Daruma are supposed to be hollow, yet these look like they're carrying the weight of the world inside them. Although it'd be nice if we didn't have to hurt them, if they attack, we don't have much of a choice... How sad." The Gloom Daruma's bestiary entry.

Variation of Gloom Daruma[]

Gloom Daruma[]


Gloom Daruma.jpg

Great Gloom Daruma[]

  • Great Gloom Daruma

Great Gloom Daruma.jpg

True Gloom Daruma[]


Gloom Daruma.jpg


  • Daruminion


Other Variation[]

Christmas Daruma[]

Daruma christmas.png

Christmas Daruma.jpg

Attack Patterns[]

This daruma follows the same basic attack patterns as all the other daruma species, and these attacks are generally basic. It should also be noted that great darumas have larger attack hitboxes.

  • Headbutt
    • The Daruma will get up close to deal a quick hit that deals some amount of damage. It will not flinch while it initiates this attack.
  • Single Leap
    • As one of a Daruma's signature attacks, the Daruma will leap up high in the area while chuckling before landing with force, dealing significant damage to those immediately around it. This attack is easy to dodge away from, so evade the hop and continue to attack it!
  • Triple Leap
    • Another of a Daruma's signature attacks, the Daruma will leap more quickly while chuckling, leaping forward thrice and landing with force thrice. Each successive leap has a larger hitbox and contains more damage and this attack can hurt quite a bit. When seeing this attack coming, roll or evade in any direction but the direction that the Daruma is heading in. Otherwise, the player will end up rolling right into one or more of the leaps.
  • Rocket Headbutt
    • The Daruma will chuckle then shoot off at a forward angle, dealing significant damage to those in a good range in front of the Daruma. If one is at point-blank range to the Daruma when the attack begins, the doll will potentially fail to hit. Otherwise, this attack can be either rolled out of or blocked.
  • Taunt
    • A common behavior of Darumas is to taunt the player by shaking their heads at their target. Aside from making the Daruma immune to flinching for a moment, it does nothing else besides that.
  • Red Glow
    • Any Daruma will occasionally charge up a red glow that seems to instill a certain effect on itself.

Boss Image[]

Enemy 00102.jpg