Story Edit

Karasuguchi the Gatekeeper was given a task to acquire a New Fundoshi. She won't say who it was for, but needs it immediately. She notices the player coming by and flags him down. Karasuguchi the Gatekeeper begs and pleads for the player to obtain one for her since she is stuck at her position.

The player returns with the New Fundoshi and proceeds to hand it Karasuguchi the Gatekeeper. Karasuguchi thanks the player for his help, but she starts spilling the secrecy behind the need for the New Fundoshi. Apparently the New Fundoshi is for Kiichihougen who hasn't changed his own Fundoshi in over a month since the Kamikui scare. Karasuguchi the Gatekeeper wants the player to forget everything she has said since the whole situation is too embarrassing for her.

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