Onigiri Wiki
Greatbow.jpg Category Bow Level Requirement 12 - 17
Rarity Gold Base Attack 104 ~ 137 (127)
Enhanceable? Yes Innate Effects Dex +5
Repairable? Yes Innate Skills None
Tradable? Yes Obtained From Kishinden
Ooyama Residence
Hoderi Shrine
Hoori Shrine
Three Deity Cave
Iwanaga Cavern
Oosumi Plains West
Monday - Defiled Orb of Blades
Tuesday - Defiled Orb of Flames
Wednesday - Defiled Orb of Ice Crystal
Thursday - Defiled Orb of Wonder
Friday - Defiled Orb of Thunder
Saturday - Defiled Orb of Dark Night
Sunday - Defiled Orb of Light
Selling Price 440 Ryou
Easier to draw and with much more power than the average bow. It may cost more, as well, but the performance is amazing! The improvements made to this are really wonderful, I'm quite impressed at the level of innovation.