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Hachi the Ninja is a ninja who was sent to infiltrate the Room of Rites in Yamataikoku. The borders to Yamataikoku were just opened to travel and other nations have been curious as the reason of their closure four years ago and sent Hachi the Ninja to investigate. After getting into Yamataikoku easily the player finds her near the well. She is startled by the player's appearance at first, but confuses the player for a fellow ninja to be able to sneak up on her. With the player's help she infiltrates the Room of Rites and finds the information interesting. She lived inside Townsperson Kaneyo's house until Kaneyo tried to set up a mouse trap to catch her where she disappeared from Yamataikoku.

Location Edit

Hachi the Ninja doesn't appear until the completion of the quest "To the Room of Rites". After the completion of the quest "Mousetrap" she will disappear from Yamataikoku.

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