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Bestiary Entry 105:[]

Shizuka's Bestiary:[]

"This Youkai loves to show up on those eerie nights where the lightning flashes never stop, and the thunder rumbles without a break! They'll just wander around outdoors in that weather, but getting to close to them will bring bad luck to you! And the worst part is, the last thing they do? They yell at you like the storm itself to not be afraid of the noise! Even apologizing won't let you get away." 105.jpg

Variation of Hatata Nyuudou[]

Hatata Nyuudou[]


Hatata Nyuudou.jpg

Huge Hatata Nyuudou[]

  • Huge Hatata Nyuudou

Huge Hatata Nyuudou.jpg

Boss Image[]

Enemy 02421.jpg