Story[edit | edit source]

Ibaraki Douji loves to wear clothes that show a lot of skin and finds the fashion in Yamataikoku strange. Yoshitsune believes that Ibaraki Douji could afford to wear a little more. Ibaraki says there isn't anything wrong with showing off a little skin. Ibaraki Douji believes that if you have a nice, firm body it's only natural to flaunt it. Yoshitsune doesn't care about Ibaraki's fashion tastes, but she shouldn't force others to do the same.

Yoshitsune had heard Ibaraki Douji trying to convince Lady Shizuka to shorten the length of her skirt just recently. Ibaraki Douji wonders what is wrong with Lady Shizuka to show off a little. Yoshitsune asks Ibaraki Douji to whom Lady Shizuka is showing off to. If Shizuka's skirt gets any shorter, she might as well not wear anything at all. Yoshitsune thanks Ibaraki's "advice" for making Lady Shizuka's outfits covering less and less, making it inappropriate for the princess of the Shogunate's head family. Ibaraki Douji thinks of Yoshitsune as hard-headed for not wearing clothes that she likes and instead wearing them to look dignified. Ibaraki then asks the player what types of clothes the player likes, Elegant Clothes or Exposing Clothes.

Elegant Clothes Choice[edit | edit source]

Yoshitsune thanks the player for the logical choice of elegance over comfort. She thinks that though personality in your clothes is paramount, a stranger's first impression of you will always be based on your first appearance, namely the clothes you wear. Though Yoshitsune doesn't think this applies to Ibaraki Douji, she says that due to Lady Shizuka being a princess it affects her greatly. She will not stand Ibaraki Douji influencing her choice in clothes any further. Ibaraki Douji retorts, silently, that she may not give Lady Shizuka advice, but she will give her some pointers.

Exposing Clothes Choice[edit | edit source]

Ibaraki exclaims, "Right!! I knew you and I see eye to eye!!" Ibaraki points out that Yoshitsune is wearing pretty thin clothes herself. Yoshitsune's sad excuse is that she is not a princess but a warrior and must prioritize ease of movements. Ibaraki then accuses her of secretly wanting to dress up like a princess and parade around town. Yoshitsune says Ibaraki is being foolish and that she is getting a headache talking to her; she then leaves. Ibaraki looks at you and says, "She'd have a lot more fun if she'd just loosen up and act a little more honestly, don't cha think *player*?"

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