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Ibaraki-Douji (茨木童子 ibaraki-douji) is one of the characters in Onigiri Online. She joins the party once they arrive in Kumaso Village, becoming the fourth member.





Happy, curious, daring, and loves to do foolish things with her friends.

Loves drinking alcohol.


Ibaraki is a half-Oni, similar to that of the player's character. As thus, she feels a certain connection with the main character. She has the unique career of running a travelling bar, similar to Miroku's travelling merchant status.

She is often mistaken for being a cat that is capable of transformation.


Ibaraki is a liquor seller and is very willing to sell it to the player. With these potion-like items, the player can receive special stats that are not present in normal items, most of the time granting temporal stat raises such as movement speed or damage output.

Sword Skills[]

  • Void Slash - I
  • Empty Sky Slash - III
  • Leaping Strike - I
  • Blue Fang Blade - III
  • Crimson Sword - II


As a liquor seller, Ibaraki has honed her skills as a sommelier, allowing her to make all kinds of liquor and alcohol. From stat enhancing drinks to resurrecting alcohol, she can make all kinds of drinks as long as she is provided the recipe by the player.

Raising Ibaraki's affection level will increase the kind of liquor she is capable of making, while also adding certain exclusive drinks to the shelf.

To check the Liquor Shop go here.

Sommelier Table
Job Level Drunkeness Reduce Rate
1 1.00
3 0.95
7 0.89
10 0.82
15 0.74
20 0.65
24 0.55
28 0.44

Bottle Collector[]

The player can hold Sake bottles, but this does not mean there is only one type. Depending on the bottle, the player can hold a certain load of liquor, and sometimes the Sake bottle will also grant an effect upon the liquor inside.

Raising Ibaraki's affection level will increase the collection of Sake bottles available, while also granting the player the ability to hold more than one bottle at a time.

To check the Bottles go here

One on the House[]

Else than just making liquor, Ibaraki is a master at mixing them, creating special type of Sake for a free price. The mix result is not only based on the liquor used but also the Sake bottle that it was mixed in. But be careful that she can't mix often as it uses her demon energy to do the special mixing.

Raising Ibaraki's affection level will increase the types of mixes she can create.

One on the House
Needed Bottle Liquor Putted Job Level Required
Bizen Bottle Kiou / Five Lights 1
Lacquered Gourd Seven Sisters / Benten's Blessing 1
Lacquered Gourd Bandit Chief / Aqua Vitae 2
Bizen Bottle Crimson Courage / Willow Specter 2
Decanter Manic Water Lily / Disorderly Pomegranate 2
Lacquered Gourd Asuka / Mist Tengu 3
Decanter Vivaldi / May Rains 3
Bamboo Bottle Big Dipper / Daikokuin / Moth Orchid 3
Golden Ladle Aqua Vitae / Emperor's Cloth 4
Bizen Bottle Dancer of Izu / Three Day Emperor / Emperor's Cloth 4
Gilded Gourd Mount Hida / Moon King / Shouchikubai 4
Lacquered Gourd Marquis Conti / Emperor's Cloth / Shouchikubai 4
Decanter Vivaldi / San Luciano / Babinski 5
Summer Camellia May Rains / Caryuon / Millenial Peony 5
Bamboo Bottle Kingfisher / Long Life / 7 Deities of Luck 5
Bizen Bottle Karasu / Caryuon / Millenial Peony 5
Lacquered Gourd Chidori / Manic Water Lily / Wheatsplosion 6
Kutani Teapot Drunken Samurai / Chidori / The Pillow Book 6
Golden Ladle Dazzling Capital / Wheatsplosion 6
Copper Decanter Judas Tree Falls / Chidori 6
Levee Jug Willow Specter / Tiger Cub / Three Day Emperor 6
Golden Ladle Dazzling Capital 7
Gilded Gourd Babinski / InoShikaChou / Crimson Peacock 7
Hollyhock Seal Case Sixteen Nights / Rashomon / Kasumigaura 7
Conch Heavenly Dragon / Sangokushi / San Luciano 7
Summer Camellia Babinski / Marquis Conti 7
Golden Ladle Crimson Peacock / Blue Sparrow 8
Clouded Skull Three Day Emperor / Skull Cup / Kouromu 8
Copper Decanter Rhino King / Setsugekka / Karasu 8
Lacquered Gourd Kuromutsu / Long Life / Rusty Bloom 8
Levee Jug Drunken Samurai / Misty Moonlight 8
Hollyhock Seal Case High Knight / Light Snow / Iga's Merit / Hakone Shichiri 8
Ability Friendship Level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Battle 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 45 48 51 54 57 60 63 66 69 72 75 78 81 84 87 90
Sommelier See Sommelier Above.
Bottle Collector Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3 Lv.4 Lv.5 Lv.6 Lv.7 Lv.8
One on the House Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3 Lv.4 Lv.5 Lv.6 Lv.7 Lv.8

Partnership Exp[]

Partnership Exp
Level Exp Level Exp Level Exp
1 0 11 1,140 21 4,830
2 30 12 1,380 22 5,430
3 60 13 1,620 23 6,060
4 120 14 1,890 24 6,720
5 210 15 2,190 25 7,470
6 300 16 2,520 26 8,250
7 420 17 2,910 27 9,120
8 570 18 3,330 28 10,050
9 750 19 3,780 29 11,040
10 930 20 4,290 30 12,090

Partnership Level[]

  • Note: Max Partnership Lv: 27
Partnership Settings
Level Partnership Name Occurrence Quest Required Quest
1 Drinking Buddy
2 Drinking Buddy I'm an Oni too! Offerings for the Shrine
3 Drinking Buddy I can wear what I want! Meeting Nashime
I'm an Oni too!
4 Drinking Buddy Traveling Liquor Store To the Underground Caverns
I can wear what I want!
5 Drinking Companion About Lady Shizuka To the Room of Rites
Traveling Liquor Store
6 Drinking Companion About Yoshitsune Magatama Crafting
About Lady Shizuka
7 Drinking Companion Can you hold your Liquor? To Yomotsuhirasaka
About Yoshitsune
8 Drinking Companion Why I like to Drink Ibaraki Douji of Rashomon
Can you hold your Liquor?
9 Drinking Companion The best Sake The Guard's Uniform
Why I like to Drink
10 Invite me Anytime Wild Child Infiltrating the Yellow Dragon Spire
The best Sake
11 Invite me Anytime I'm looking for someone To Mount Kurama
Wild Child
12 Invite me Anytime About my Name Eliminate the Western Commander or Eliminate the Eastern Commander
I'm looking for someone
13 Invite me Anytime About my Name
14 Invite me Anytime
15 Drink All Night
16 Drink All Night Ressurrection Investigation
17 Drink All Night Decisive Battle at Sekigahara Eastern Armies or Decisive Battle at Sekigahara Western Armies
Wild Child
18 Drink All Night To Koshi-no-Shiraen
19 Drink All Night To Hokurikudo
20 Don't Go Home Tonight Pass through Old Hokurikudo
21 Don't Go Home Tonight To Kusatsu
22 Don't Go Home Tonight
23 Don't Go Home Tonight To Edo
24 Don't Go Home Tonight
25 Don't Go Home Tonight
26 Don't Go Home Tonight To Kodenmachou
27 Don't Go Home Tonight An Errand at the Charcoal Store!
28 Don't Go Home Tonight Misty Moon
29 Don't Go Home Tonight Misty Moon
30 Don't Go Home Tonight Misty Moon


Ibaraki mini.png
Ibaraki face.png


Enemy Killed:



As a partner[]

Main article: Partner System


As a partner in battle, Ibaraki uses her Cat-paw Katana (招き猫刀 maneki-neko gatana). This sword may not have much reach in comparison to other weapons, but in turn it grants Ibaraki a mediocre-fast attack speed combo and a relatively good damage output.

  • Liquor is a unique aiding item in the game, but unless you want to have these specialized items at hand, Ibaraki-Douji doesn't have to be top priority. But, since some of the liquor she sells are one-of-a-kind, don't keep her under-leveled.
  • In battle, Ibaraki follows a similar battle style to that of Yoshitsune, but possesses a subtle difference. While her attacks do not deal as much damage, she is more willing to use a wider variety of abilities.

Affection System[]

Her favorite affection item is the affection goldfish. Her least favorite is the affection booklet. Her favored special affection item is the affection beckoning-cat.


  • Uniquely, the "ears" on top of her head are her demon horns.
  • Honest to her part-feline ways, Ibaraki has a weakness to catnip.
  • Unlike the others in the party, Ibaraki's weapon is not the one shown in her official picture, which seems to be a dual sword. As mentioned above, she uses a katana.
  • In the anime Onigiri shows more information about Ibaraki these being:
    • Born: February 3rd
    • Blood type: B
    • Height: 177cm
    • The three sizes are B98-W62-H91 cm.
      • The second person with the largest breast size is Kaguya, because she is 90 cm.
      • The second person with the biggest ass is Shizuka and Sakura because they are both 83 cm.
    • Although Ibaraki's breasts were originally 98 cm (has the first largest breast size), it seems that over time her breasts have now grown being much larger than before, this can be seen in the game Onigiri (Mmorpg) and in the limited edition anime Onigiri (Mmorpg).


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