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"A breed of yokai that live close to rivers. Apparently the little saucer they keep on their heads has to be kept wet or they lose all of their power.They'll often challenge humans to Sumo wrestling with Shirikodama at stake. As they posses physical strength on par with Oni, it makes for a pretty uneven match. The people of the past would have a referee to tell them to lower their heads and push their rears towards the sky, draining the saucer and making it easier for the human to win. Pretty smart of them if you ask me!" Kappa card

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Frost KappaEdit

  • Frost Kappa

Frost Kappa

Other VariationEdit

Halloween KappaEdit

  • Halloween Kappa

Halloween Kappa

  • Nature: Spirit
  • Dungeon: はろうぃんらんど
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