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Shizuka's Bestiary:[edit | edit source]

"A human who died after slipping and falling down a well and cursed their fate so intensely they became a youkai. Their resent and hatred is so strong they climbed back out of the well in order to drag as many people down to the netherworld with them as possible. Their intense desire sets them apart from other Gaikotsu in that they actively seek out chances to inflict suffering on the living and grow all the stronger because of it. Truly a dangerous enemy to face." Kyoukotsu card.jpg

Variation of Kyoukotsu[edit | edit source]

Kyoukotsu[edit | edit source]



Kyoukotsu[edit | edit source]



Frost Kyoukotsu[edit | edit source]

  • Frost Kyoukotsu

Frost Kyoukotsu.jpg

Chibi Kyoukotsu[edit | edit source]

  • Chibi Kyoukotsu

Chibi Kyoukotsu.jpg

Golden Kyoukotsu[edit | edit source]

  • Golden Kyoukotsu

20161118 174740.jpg

  • Nature: Soul
  • Dungeon: A Round With The Demon Legion
    • Very Strong Against: Slice, Pierce, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Holy, Dark, Wind
    • Strong Against: Impact
    • Neutral Against: Rain, Mountain, Flight
    • Very Weak Against: Poison

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