Background Edit

Lantern Ghost Bansho is with a group of Youkai who helped set up the Haunted House in Onigashima Festival Grounds for the Summer Yukata Festival. He is proud to have participated in this event and wonders about how the player thought about the scariness of the Haunted House. Lantern Ghost Bansho is surprised fort the player to mention about a human girl scaring her when none participated in the event.

Location Edit

Lantern Ghost Bansho is a NPC that only appears during the Summer Yukata Festival event that took place between August 19, 2014 and September 23, 2014.

Dialogue Edit

"Well done~ What do you think? Pretty scare, right? We had Onigashima's local Youkai and a bunch of others from all over come in to help put this together! Eh? The ghost girl surprised you? Um... What are you talking about? We don't have any humans in there as scarers..."

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