Clingy KamabokoClothier ChaosClothing
Cloudburst Magatama - Darkened IronCloudburst Magatama - Red CopperCloudburst Magatama - White Silver
Clouded SkullClover JugClumsy Tachi
Cockatoo MagatamaCoconutCoconut Cocktail
Coffee before Work and PlayCoffee makes the World go 'roundCoin Collection
Collect The Small Rusted BoxCollect Tusk of HopeCollect the Grindstone
Collecting the Rain WardsCollector's CollectionColored Carp Magatama
CombatCombustible Collection!Commander's Spear
Common Grinding AreasConcentration PillConch
Conflagration HadouContact LensContinue Coin Collection
Continued! Magari's Written ChallengeControl CircuitCool Star
Copper DecanterCoral MagatamaCore Stone
Corn Seller SharehiraCorona MagatamaCosmic Piece Collection No.1
Cosmic Piece Collection No.2Cosmic Piece Collection No.3Cotton Strip
Council PaintingCounterattack MagatamaCounterattack Staff
Counterattack Staff -Slash-Courier SasukeCow Magatama
Crab BattleCrab MeatCrab Nigiri
Crab PearlCracked Crystal MagatamaCrafing the Oninodachi
Crafting WeaponsCrafting the OninodachiCrag Gargoyle
Crag ScaleCrag ShellCrag Wing
Crane MagatamaCrazed MomotarouCrazy for Competitions
Crescent Moon MagatamaCrest FragmentCrimes
Crimson CourageCrimson Daruma PipeCrimson Dragonfly
Crimson FireflyCrimson PeacockCrimson Rapier
Crimson ScaleCrocodile MagatamaCrossvolt
Crow FeatherCrucifix MagatamaCrucifix Magatama - Fused
Crucifix Magatama - TempestCrunch IslandCrunch Island - Exit
Crunchy CrackersCrushed NailCrushing the King
Cryptid PinionCrystalCrystal Axe - Impulsus
Crystal Judgement - SanctioCrystal Staff - ProfondomCrystal Twin Blades - Invidia
Crystal of DeceaseCrystallized Lotus FlowerCul-de-sac Magatama
Cults of GhoulsCursed AmuletCursed Blood
Cursed Crab ClawsCursing the WeatherCute Star
Cute little KamabokoCygnet LanceCygnus Magatama
CypherCypher -Slash-Cypress Cask
DEDaffodil of IncitementDagger Peak
Daggerbranch SwordDahouDaiba Kaze
DaifukuDaihannyanagamitsuDaihihi Tachi
Daijya Twin BladesDaikokuinDaikokuten Talisman
Daikon for Sore ThroatsDaiku CaveDainsleif
Damp GunpowderDancer of IzuDancing
Dancing Water MagatamaDancing Water Magatama - FusedDancing Water Magatama - Tempest
DandelionDark Arrow HachimanDark Axe of Instinct - Nadir
Dark Axe of Instinct - WarpedDark Blade of Oaths - NadirDark Blade of Oaths - Warped
Dark Bone SwordDark Bone Sword -Slash-Dark Bow of Traurig - Nadir
Dark Bow of Traurig - WarpedDark FinDark Fledgling Sparrow Bow
Dark Heaven EnbuDark Kashi StaffDark Kengou Sword
Dark Kisshouten TalismanDark Lance of Oblivion - NadirDark Lance of Oblivion - Warped
Dark Miyamoto MusashiDark Obsidian BattleaxeDark Oil
Dark Oodachi of Desire - AbyssDark Oodachi of Desire - WarpedDark Ootsuka Twin Blades
Dark SanctuaryDark Scaled Walnut SpearDark Staff of Longing - Nadir
Dark Staff of Longing - WarpedDark StickyDark Twin Blades of Agony - Nadir
Dark Twin Blades of Agony - WarpedDark Wand of Neigung - NadirDark Wand of Neigung - Warped
Daruma's PipeDaruma BatteryDaruma Emergency!
Daruma PipeDaruma WhiskeyDaruma in a Barrel
Darumaru the DiminutiveDaruminionDatara's Written Challenge
Datenryuu Cloud Cleaver - Night SkyDatenryuu Cloven Fang - Night SkyDatenryuu Crimson Jewel - Night Sky
Datenryuu Divine Judgement - Night SkyDatenryuu Foe Hammer Horn - Night SkyDatenryuu Newborn - Night Sky
Datenryuu Sky Limit - Night SkyDatenryuu Twin Feather - Night SkyDaybreak Crow Call
DaybreakerDaytime MagatamaDazzling Blade Tip
Dazzling CapitalDeath's BeckoningDeath Scythe
DeathbringerDeathbringer -Assault-Decanter
Decayed TachiDecisive Battle at Sekigahara Eastern ArmiesDecisive Battle at Sekigahara Western Armies
Decorative LegsDecrepit Bamboo SpearDeer Magatama
Defeat Lacus MortisDefeat the Great Gloom DarumaDefeat the Oogama
Delivery PackageDelivery SakeDemon Legion Provisions
Demon Lord's MalletDemon Lord's Mallet -Slash-Demon Overlord's Chaos
Demon Stone MagatamaDen of KarmaDen of Needles
Dept. Store WorkerDeserted TsuzuraDesirous Wand of Flame
Desirous Wand of Flame - Falling StarDesirous Wand of Flame - SoulDestructive Magatama - Fourth Rank
Destructive Magatama - Second RankDestructive Magatama - Third RankDevil Pinion
Devil in the DetailsDew CreekDew Creek (Hell) Strategy Guide (Ultimate)
Dew DragonflyDiamond BattleaxeDiamond Dust
Diamond MagatamaDigestion TimeDining Dilemma!
Directionally ChallengedDiscarded Coin BoxDiseased Seedling
Disintegrating SpearDisorderly PomegranateDisruptor
Distorted BattleaxeDiversion!Divine Dragon
Divine Possession - Arbiter Of JusticeDivine Possession - Guardian of JusticeDivine Spirits Blade Replica
Divine Spirits Blade Replica - ThunderclapDivine Wind Oodachi ReplicaDivine Wind Oodachi Replica - Gale
Do You Remember Me?DodomekiDoes this go to Eleven?
Dog's MagatamaDogura MaguraDon't eat the Flowers
DotechinDouble Bladed AxeDouble Flowered Sakura
Doujigiri SanemoriDoujigiri Sanemori - SeveranceDoujikiri Sanemori
Doujikiri Sanemori - SeveranceDoujikiriyasutsunaDoukou Magatama
Dousetsu MagatamaDoutoku MagatamaDrachtslave
Drachtslave -Assault-Dragon's BattleaxeDragon's Bow
Dragon's FangDragon's MagatamaDragon's Vein Crystal Magatama
Dragon ArkDragon Ark AosameDragon Ark Gakuhou
Dragon Ark SabisameDragon Ark TenshouDragon Breath Gust
Dragon Breath LuminousDragon Breath LurkDragon Breath Rage
Dragon FangDragon GuardianDragon Orb
Dragon SpearDragon Tail RougeDragon Wing Ego
Dragon Wing RougeDragon Wings (Ego)Dragon’s Vein Crystal Magatama
Draupnir - Wand of RuinDraupnir Wand of Ruin - EarthDreams of a Brother
Dried AbaloneDried SeaweedDried Tongue
Driving off the Gloom DarumaDriving off the IttanmomenDriving off the Kappa
Driving off the KikuzouDriving off the MorizouDrop Boost +100
Drop Boost +200Drop Boost +300Drop Boost +50
Drunken SamuraiDry SkinDry Staff
DuelingDugong MagatamaDungeon Challenge Reward
Durable ArmorDurandalDurian Magatama
Dusk MagatamaDynamic Slash Magatama - Darkened IronDynamic Slash Magatama - Red Copper
Dynamic Slash Magatama - White SilverEEXP Boost +100
EXP Boost +200EXP Boost +300EXP Boost +400
EXP Boost +50EXP Ticket 1,000EXP Ticket 1,000,000
EXP Ticket 10,000EXP Ticket 100,000EXP Ticket 5,000
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