Bestiary Entry 143:[edit | edit source]

Shizuka's Bestiary:[edit | edit source]

"Wearing the Heavenly Raiments turned Kaguya-san into the Lunar Princess, a terrifying being with a deep hatred of the Earth and those that live upon it. The Heavenly Raiments seem to have manipulated her emotions and fond memories towards the Earth into pure malice and magnified her latent powers. If she were allowed to set foot on Earth, all life on our home planet would soon go extinct. The Lunar Spirit's original duty was to guard the Moon from invaders and to protect the Earth...I wonder what happened?"


Variation of Lunar Spirit Kaguya-hime[edit | edit source]

  • Lunar Spirit Kaguya-hime


Lunar Spirit Kaguya-Hime.jpg

Boss Image[edit | edit source]

Enemy 12300.jpg

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