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After collecting information about this mysterious "ceremony" that Yamataikoku is having at this moment. Gatekeeper Nayuta appears to say Royal Counselor Nashime has approved their appointment and he is ready to meet them at the altar entrance. Ibaraki Douji has been holding back her rage against the gatekeepers since they seem to be so full of themselves. She wishes that she could knock them down a peg or three.

The group heads to the highest point in Yamataikoku to talk with Royal Counselor Nashime in front of the altar entrance. Nashime never expected a Shogunate warrior would arrive as an envoy of Kumaso Village. Nashime sees Yoshitsune as no more than a dog of the Shogunate, and this seems to prove his point. Before Yoshitsune talks to him about the ceremony she wishes to finalize the main reason they were here. She hands over the letter for Kumaso Village's Magatama order for Sakurajima Depths. Nashime says that he will send a messenger to install the new magatama and the matter is settled.

Yoshitsune lays into Royal Counselor Nashime about how it is strictly forbidden by code of law to have a sacrificial ceremony. Nashime denies anything having to do with sacrifices and insists that the Miko, priestesses, are sent to aid Himiko. Along with this he states that Yamataikoku is outside of Shogunate laws since it is a separate country. Yoshitsune says that Himiko and Nashime are the only people who believe that and he needs to release Kaguya immediately. Nashime despises the Shogunate as they are the embodiment of hypocrisy. In the past the Shogunate sacrificed many people to carry out their goals and now they are here trying to forbid others to do the same. Nashime returns to his original statement that they have not violated any code, and their god does not serve the likes of the Shogunate.

Lady Shizuka steps up to Royal Counselor Nashime and wonders if he insists on the ritual, would a sacred object suffice. Nashime thinks about this and asks if the sacred object would be herself. He has no qualms if she was willing to take their place if it freed the Miko. Lady Shizuka agrees and leaves Yoshitsune in a fit of rage and Nashime stunned into silence. Nashime finds his voice again and says meekly that it was only a jest...

Quest Completed.

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