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If you are looking for the page with the talking NPC version of Momijina, please see Momijina (NPC) or Momijina 2 (NPC).

Bestiary Entry 019:[]

Shizuka's Bestiary:[]

"A brilliantly red forest sprite that seems as if it had been bathed in the breath of Autumn itself. Although they may seem a little slow and brooding, their little heads are filled with medicinal knowledge. While they'll band together to repel threats to their forest, it's more common to see them tending to wounded youkai or animals. There are even stories of them healing travelers who lose their strength while wandering the forest. They're like the adorable little doctors of the woods." Momijina card.jpg

Variation of Momijina[]




Other Variation[]

Momijina (Explosion)[]

  • Momijina (Explosion)


  • Nature: Beast
  • Aramitama: 6th Aramitama 黄昏