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Momotarou (モモタロウ momotarou) is one of the characters in Onigiri Online. He reluctantly joins the party after being defeated on Sakurajima, hoping to have a rematch with the player, making him the fifth member.


Momotarou is a man who is rude and rough with his words and rarely hesitant to do what he believes in. Especially if the issue at hand includes exterminating the Oni, he is more than willing to cut them down. High with pride, he dares not to make a single smile in front of most people.

On the other side though, he is actually sort of dimwitted and lacks certain common sense due to living outside society for long amounts of time. And when it comes to "cute" animals and bugs, he doesn't care if he fanboys over them a bit in front of others.


Momotarou was once a famed hunter who exterminated the rampaging Oni of times past. Eventually though, his desire to fight overcame his senses, which drove him to kill any Oni on sight, even the innocent ones. He had become a monster who had thrown away his humanity, living only to test his power.


After years of battle, Momotarou is a warrior who knows his skills. Knowing that he would like to fight the player in his/her best condition, he is kind enough to offer his hands in developing the weapon skill levels of the player.

Twin Swords Skills[]

  • Blue Fang Blade - III
  • Lunge Step - II
  • Double-edged Cut - II
  • Twin Blade Slash - I
  • Poison Fang - I

Evolution Essentials[]

Each skill levels up as it is used by the player, eventually coming to a maximum of that skill level. Momotarou at times is capable of allowing that skill to take the next step, increasing the skill's grade level to the next.

Raising Momotarou's affection level allows him to enhance higher grade levels that have reached its maximum.

Extracting Essentials[]

Momtarou is capable of setting an example of the player's skills, reallocating them into a skill card. And with this skill card, the player can apply that skill into other weapons of the same kind without needing to rely on the random skills given originally. But when the extraction is used, the skill level will drop by a set amount.

Raising Momotarou's affection level will grant him the ability to reallocate skills of greater grade levels.

Training Essentials[]

An expert at training, Momotarou will help speed up the player's skill training process along their journey. This allows the player to raise the skills' levels at a quicker rate.

Raising Momotarou's affection level increases the skill level's increase rate.

Ability Friendship Level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Battle 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 45 48 51 54 57 60 63 66 69 72 75 78 81 84 87 90
Evolution Essentials Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V Rank VI
Extracting Essentials Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V Rank VI
Training Essentials 1.0 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6

Partnership Exp[]

Partnership Exp
Level Exp Level Exp Level Exp
1 0 11 1,140 21 4,830
2 30 12 1,380 22 5,430
3 60 13 1,620 23 6,060
4 120 14 1,890 24 6,720
5 210 15 2,190 25 7,470
6 300 16 2,520 26 8,250
7 420 17 2,910 27 9,120
8 570 18 3,330 28 10,050
9 750 19 3,780 29 11,040
10 930 20 4,290 30 12,090

Partnership Level[]

  • Notes: Max Partnership Lv: 25
Partnership Settings
Level Partnership Name Occurrence Quest Required Quest
1 I'll remember your scent.
2 I'll remember your scent. There are no good Oni! To the Underground Caverns
3 I'll remember your scent. Why are you so Strong? To the Room of Rites
There are no good Oni!
4 I'll remember your scent. Regarding the Awakening Why are you so Strong?
5 I'll remember your face. Is Onigashima still full of Oni? Miasma Cleanup Operation
Regarding the Awakening
6 I'll remember your face. Are there any special bugs on Onigashima? To Yomotsuhirasaka
Is Onigashima still full of Oni?
7 I'll remember your face. Lifestyles A Lost Little Centipede
Are there any special bugs on Onigashima?
8 I'll remember your face. Why I came to Sakurajima The Guard's Uniform
9 I'll remember your face. To be the Best Invitation from a Shikigami
Why I came to Sakurajima
10 I'll remember your voice. Gramps and Grams To Mount Kurama
To be the Best
11 I'll remember your voice. Butterflies and Moths Eliminate the Western Commander or Eliminate the Eastern Commander
Gramps and Grams
12 I'll remember your voice. Those delicious Kibidango Butterflies and Moths
13 I'll remember your voice. Why I slay Oni Those delicious Kibidango
14 I'll remember your voice. Ressurrection Investigation
Why I slay Oni
15 Nemesis Decisive Battle at Sekigahara Eastern Armies or Decisive Battle at Sekigahara Western Armies
16 Nemesis
17 Nemesis To Hokurikudo
18 Nemesis
19 Nemesis Meeting up with Gouriki
20 A Little Trusting To Echigo
21 A Little Trusting To Kusatsu
22 A Little Trusting To Edo
23 A Little Trusting
24 A Little Trusting To Kodenmachou
25 Rival An Errand at the Charcoal Store!
26 Rival Misty Moon
27 Rival Misty Moon
28 Rival Misty Moon
29 Rival Misty Moon
30 Bug-hunting Buddy Misty Moon


Momo mini
Momo face


Killed Enemy:



Give Present:

Level Up:

As a Partner[]

Main article: Partner System


As a partner in battle, Momotarou uses his Twin Demon Blades (鬼の二刀 oni no nitou). Wielding swords in both hands, he boasts a pressing offense and a consistently powerful damage output, although he lacks any ultimate skills to accompany his basic combos and special skills.

  • Momotarou aids you in a developing your skills. Unless you wish to expand upon what skills you have on hand and increase the rate at which your skills level, Momotarou is not top priority.
  • In battle, Momotarou is a ferocious beast, even at lower levels. Using twin swords, his rapid attack combos and moderately high damage per hit sync well in making him a good partner for battle. For melee, he is your best partner to use.

Affection Item[]

His favorite affection item is the affection goldfish. His least favorite is the affection booklet. His favored special affection item is the affection lion-dog


  • Although he has a liking for "cute" small animals and insects, Momtarou has a dislike for cats, always shooing them away.
  • Momotarou's weapons look similar to an in-game weapon that can be wielded by the player, which goes by the name Calamity Blades Nihil. It too is a dual swords weapon.
  • Momotarō, is a popular hero from Japanese folklore.