Story[edit | edit source]

Gatekeeper Ruika loves Tricolor Dango, though he hasn't ever tasted one. Every opportunity he has attempted to eat one he has dropped it. He wants to try one since it looks delicious, but he is unable to leave his post since the Youkai have become more aggressive. He sees the player walking by and flags him down to ask him for help acquiring some Tricolor Dango.

The player returns to Gatekeeper Ruika with the 3 Tricolor Dango and noticing the commotion, Gatekeeper Kenshi decides to ask what is making Gatekeeper Ruika so happy. Gatekeeper Ruika asks if Gatekeeper Kenshi and the player would like to enjoy some Tricolor Dango with him. Gatekeeper Kenshi steps back in disbelief and is surprised that Gatekeeper Ruika is 100% serious about eating the Tricolor Dango. Before allowing Gatekeeper Ruika to eat the Tricolor Dango he instructs him on child-level knowledge, for every Oni, that Tricolor Dango is extremely poisonous and any Oni who eats it will double over in immense pain and die instantly.

Gatekeeper Kenshi returns to his post still flabbergasted that Gatekeeper Ruika was serious about eating Tricolor Dango and how he almost unknowingly killed himself. Gatekeeper Ruika thanks the player for the trouble, but is saddened that something so good looking was bad for Oni all this time.

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