Story[edit | edit source]

Townsperson Kaneyo has been having trouble with rats recently in her attic. They would have to be pretty large ones too since they are making such a huge racket day and night. Townsperson Kaneyo believes that catching the rats with Sticky Material would solve her problem and asks a passing Oni if he has any to spare on him.

When the Oni hands over the Sticky Material, Townsperson Kaneyo is excited to finally catch the rats making the noise. When she starts to head back into the house a person bursts out the attic window and lands right beside the Oni and Townsperson Kaneyo. Townsperson Kaneyo is confused as to who this person is, but the Oni recognizes the woman to be Hachi the Ninja. Hachi the Ninja is disappointed that her hiding place she has been using as a base was found and decides to make a run back to where she came from since the situation has gotten "too dangerous" for her to continue spying on the city of Yamataikoku. Hachi the Ninja races off and out of Yamataikoku leaving Townsperson Kaneyo speechless.

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