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Bestiary Entry 052:Edit

Shizuka's Bestiary:Edit

"A powerful youkai with the head of a ape, the body of a bear or dog, the tail of a viper and a cat's legs. An infamous youkai responsible for attacking the former imperial palace and fighting the Shogun at the time. Before its identity was widely known, it would go around at night and make eerie calls, keeping the townspeople from sleeping. Surprisingly, it's got a lot of secret admirers who find its odd appearance and unconventional fighting style appealing, cementing its popularity as a villain."


Variation of NueEdit




Huge NueEdit

  • Huge Nue

Huge Nue

Heaven NueEdit

  • Heaven Nue

Heaven Nue

Other VariationEdit

General ShoukuEdit

Nue syoku

General Shouku


Nue yoshihiro


Boss ImageEdit

Enemy 02300

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