Weapon Name Bronze (100 Ryou) Silver (130 Ryou) Gold (160 Ryou)
Bamboo Bow7.14%4.29%0.71%
Cedar Spear7.14%4.29%0.71%
Dry Staff5.83%4.17%0.00%
Empty Talisman5.83%4.17%0.00%
Flame Sukedachi Rare6 15.00%15.00%7.50%
Kikuichimonji Rare92.50%7.50%40.00%
Kikusenkaku Rare92.50%7.50%40.00%
Manjusri of Flame Rare6 15.00%15.00%7.50%
Manjusri Talisman7.14%4.29%0.71%
Nora Twin Blades7.14%4.29%0.71%
Pine Staff7.14%4.29%0.71%
Rotted Spear5.83%4.17%0.00%
Rusted Twin Blades5.83%4.17%0.00%
Stone Battleaxe7.14%4.29%0.71%
Sukedachi Sword7.14%4.29%0.71%
Takemitsu Katana5.83%4.17%0.00%
Tsurunobi Bow5.83%4.17%0.00%

Floor 1 Edit

Floor 2 Edit

Boss StrategyEdit

The boss for normal and hard modes is a Gaikotsu. There is not much need for strategy with this boss, just strike at it until it falls as it has mediocre stats. You should only die three times without using any items at most this way.

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