Oninodachi Category Odachi Level Requirement 10
Rarity Gold Attack Range 111 ~ 130
(Grade 100)
Base Durability 1000
Enhanceable? Yes Innate Effects Pow+3
Repairable? Yes Innate Skills None
Tradable? Yes Obtained From None
Recipe From

The Legendary Oninodachi

Reward From None
Selling Price 240 Ryou Crafted From Gloom Daruma Fragment x5
Daruma's Pipe x1
Shell Fragment x3
Cotton Strip x2
Sinister Bones x1
Bought From

Miroku's Bargains (Negotiation 1)

Quest Reward None
Can Be Smithed Into Five Tail Dragon Sotiras I
Five Tail Dragon Iroas I
Five Tail Dragon - Holme I
Five Tail Dragon Philia - I
Five Tail Dragon Andrei - I
Five Tail Dragon Bios - I
Five Tail Dragon Sophos - I
Five Tail Dragon Mentore - I
Heart's Blade of Flames
Anguished Twin Blades of Flame
Brave Great Blade of Flames
Joyous Bow of Flame
Willful Axe of Flame
Faithful Lance of Flame
Grateful Staff of Flame
Desirous Wand of Flame
Sovereign Blade: Prince I
Sovereign Twin Blades: Bellum I
Sovereign Oodachi: Victoire I
Sovereign Bow: Adoration I
Sovereign Axe: Gloire I
Sovereign Spear: Prefectus I
Sovereign Staff: Merveille I
Sovereign Wand: Eternity I
Hajuma Evil Eye Axe
Rufu Evil Eye Wand
Flametusk Jahannam
Flametalon Flogger
Flametailed Fafnir
Embereye Meteor
Flamejaw Gibbet
Flamefoot Guardian
Flamearm Preghiera
Flamefinger Phantom
Icetusk Jahannam
Icetalon Flogger
Icetailed Fafnir
Iceeye Meteor
Icejaw Gibbet
Icefoot Guardian
Icearm Preghiera
Icefinger Phantom
Thundertusk Jahannam
Thundertalon Flogger
Thundertailed Fafnir
Thundereye Meteor
Thunderjaw Gibbet
Flashfoot Guardian
Thunderarm Preghiera
Thunderfinger Phantom
Can Be Crafted Into


Shizuka explains: "Tachi whose forging is known only to the Oni. It's a tradition for Oni who leave Onigashima to carry one of these, though it may frighten people. [pname]-san, this marks you as a true Oni and will help on your journey!"
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