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In the game of Onigiri, there are characters which are of assistance to players and may be summoned during battle. These characters make up the "Partner System". In this system, a partner's strength and abilities are tied to the partner's level which may be raised through a method specified by the category the partner belongs to. Currently, partners are categorized under the groups of Standard, Guest, Special, Youkai. Mount and Assist.

General Mechanics[]

Monster Type Compatibility[]

All youkai in the game have a monster type. Aside from Standard Partners, partners have different strengths and weaknesses against these types. The typical flow is as follows:

Type Strengths Note: Soul is neutral to any type.

Certain partners may have different strengths and weakness to the above system if specified on their effects.

Affection System[]

Onikiri - Affection System explaination

Many partners in the Partner System share an Affection System: A method of raising a partner's levels through items. The affection items required differ by the application of the affection system, however, giving specific items will typically raise the partner's levels at a greater rate. Similarly, some items might have little to no effect.

Standard Partners[]

These are partners that are automatically made available to players as they progress through the story. They are also the only partners which offer bonuses to the player despite not being summoned. All 8 characters are made available to the player by the end of Kyoto. The Standard Partners are leveled through the use of friendship items which are generally obtained through quests and monster drops. Players may make use of the bow skill Je t'aime from Skill Set Card 1 to obtain Friendship Amore. The required affection to level partners is specified by the following table:

Level Exp Level Exp Level Exp
1 0 11 1,140 21 4,830
2 30 12 1,380 22 5,430
3 60 13 1,620 23 6,060
4 120 14 1,890 24 6,720
5 210 15 2,190 25 7,470
6 300 16 2,520 26 8,250
7 420 17 2,910 27 9,120
8 570 18 3,330 28 10,050
9 750 19 3,780 29 11,040
10 930 20 4,290 30 12,090

For a partner to reach level 30, a player will spend a total of 109,500 points, or 10950 friendship items (3,650 preferred items).

Lady Shizuka[]

Lady Shizuka is the first partner the player attains and is possibly the most important. She offers storage space which is important in most RPGs and identifies anon items, which in most cases is better than buying weapons from stores.


Yoshitsune is the blacksmith to the player; if you need to repair or enhance a weapon, she is the sole person the player should go to. If you want to build a specific weapon, ask her. And on the battlefield, with her katana, she offers progressive damage.


Miroku the merchant. That is his role throughout the game. He is the ideal person to buy and sell from. His bargain offers are especially priceless as he sells hard-to-get or otherwise unobtainable items, although at a bit of a higher price. In combat, he is the only one who uses the spear, the best weapon for dealing with large mobs of youkai.

Ibaraki Douji[]

After a childhood based around her mother's addiction, cat woman Ibaraki join forces with her sword drawn, seeking a mysterious someone whom she lost in the past. Her knowledge of beverages can be utilized to create concoctions that aid in your battles, the contents of which are poured into a variety of flasks the player holds. Be weary though! Drinking gives a drunkness effect that may influence the way you act in a fight!


Momotarou on the field of battle is badass. Because of the twin blades he wields, he deals long chains of slashing and slicing, and each hit is powerful. Outside of battle, Momotarou offers help with increasing the skill level of the player's weapons, which helps increase the player's battle potentials.


Kaguya comes from a mysterious land where she learned lots about the magatama, becoming the expert of it in the party. From crafting to decomposition, the magatama Kaguya makes offer defensive capabilities and/or stat raises. And in battle, Kaguya boasts a specialized ranged attack that deals "gattle damage" from farther distances than any existing weapon in the game.


Susanoo is the god of battle and allows the players to revisit old enemies. Later on, he opens up specialized dungeons that allows the players to fight more and more. In battle, while his strikes with his odachi are slow, each of these graceful slashes are packed with a good punch.


Amaterasu is a supportive partner, in and out of battle, she supplies a surmountable amount of stat raises to both the players and their partners, while also offering titles the player can take in order to receive benfits. In battle, Amaterasu uses a wand and casts spells from afar, making her the only one who can deal lots of spell damage in the partner system.

Guest Partners[]

Guest Partners are partners which are brought into the game from external sources. The category has no specific characteristics in itself and is composed of a mix of categories.

Tohoku Zunko[]

A cute girl who came to Onigashima to spread around her love for Zunda mochi. Her love fo Zunda Mochi knows no boundaries. She has a special ability that allows her to transform any mochi into a Zunda mochi. She says that she obtained this ability because she was struck by lightning at one point.


Sakura is a character from the Onigiri Anime. She uses swords and many of her skills are similar to sword skills available to players. While not leaning strongly to any elements, Sakura is a Vanguard Swap partner with a range of low element bonuses.


Sheryl is a character from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes and is a wand user. In the game, she is similar to Standard Partners except that she can only be levelled with Friendship Kamaboko and does not give any bonuses.

Tohoku Itako

Kotonoha Akane

Kotonoha Akane Summer Song

Special Partners[]

Special Partners are playable partners which are of either Divine Possession or Vanguard Swap types. In Divine Possession, a Standard Partner fuses with the player. Prior to fusion, the Standard Partner must be summoned. To obtain Divine Possession, the player requires the Seer's Verse of that partner. Divine Possession Partners are all playable at a point in the main story. In Vanguard Swap types, the partners can be directly summoned. To obtain Vanguard Swap partners, the player requires that partner's Summoner's Scroll. Both types have limited durations and can only be playable when a bar is filled through dealing damage, killing enemies or getting hit. The efficiency of filling the bar depends on the partner's compatibility with the monster's nature type being dealt with. Dying when swapped will cancel the swap and fill the players hp and sp.

Special Partners can have their levels increased through either the use of affection items or by giving weapons. When giving weapons, weapons of higher level, rarity and of that partner's favourite weapon type will be more effective. As the partners level, aside from an increase in strength, the partner learns new skills which may be equipped on their weapons (the number of weapons usable is dependent on the number of scrolls used i.e. Awakening Level). The number of times skills can be swapped is limited, however, certain levels reset the count and OC may also be used to reset the count.

Swap Parameters[]

When swapped, in addition to vanguard/divine possession bonuses, all of the players bonuses are applied aside from those on weapons. The Attack stat used is from the current weapon equipped, however affinity and skill force are special cases. Regardless of the equipped weapon type, the highest affinity and highest applicable skill force will be used. e.g. if you have a sword equipped but your highest affinity is for bow, the bow affinity would be used. Similarly, if you are using a rank 5 skill and your highest skill force in rank 5 is axe, the axe skill force would be used.

Divine Possession[]


Asura is a multi-sword user wielding swords in each of his 6 arms. He predominantly uses fire and mountain elements. Asura's Medium is Momotarou.


Kirin is a close-quarters fighter who fights unarmed. She mainly uses the fire and lightning elements. Her Medium is Ibaraki Douji.


Siegfried wields a sword and has a number of skills with dashes and other maneuvers incorporated in them. He mainly uses the lightning and holy elements. Siegfried's Medium is Miroku. He is strong against Soul Type and Beast Type, and weak against Monster and Specter Type.


Valkyrie uses a lance and shield and fights at close, mid and long ranges. She mainly uses ice and holy attacks with many of her attacks having a chance of triggering a restore health on critical condition for a few seconds. Valkyrie's damage increases with a higher remaining health percentage. Yoshitsune is her Medium.


Venus is a staff user with a range of large scale skills. Consequently, many of her skills have long start ups. Her main elements are wind and holy, however, she has several skills of other elements. Venus's Medium is Lady Shizuka.

Vanguard Swap[]


Asuka mainly fights with missiles making most of her attacks long range. Her element bonuses are for impact, fire and flight. She also has skills of the elements of Chihiro and Matoi due to being able to summon them.

Dark Miyamoto Musashi[]

Dark Miyamoto Musashii is a swordswoman with her main elements as dark and slice. She also has a range of skills of different elements similar to player skills.


Gawain is an odachi-user who heavily leans towards holy element. She also has bonuses in slice and fire and is weak to dark element. Many of her skills have a chance to trigger holy boosts for short durations.


Graceful Autumn Lancelot[]

Graceful Autumn Lancelot is the 2017 Halloween Event variant of Lancelot. She has high bonuses for slice and lightning elements; in return she is weak against rain element.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi[]

Hideyoshi Toyotomi is a swordswoman who predominantly deals wind and slice damage. She has bonuses in wind, slice and pierce with the wind bonus being the largest and also has an emphasis on criticals with moderate bonuses for both critical rate and critical force. Hideyoshi Toyotomi has a relatively fast run speed and has skills which change effects with higher combo chains as well as skills to draw in certain enemies. She is weak against Beast Type, and strong against Monster and Soul Type.


Himiko is a Staff user with her element bonuses being a fairly balanced spread dark, wind, lightning and ice. For skill compositions, she has a wide array of elements with more of a tendancy towards dark and impact elements.

Hiraga Gennai[]

Hiraga Gennai is an axe user who also fights using machines. Her main elements are lightning and fire, however, several of her skills have large components of impact and slice; Particularly her ougi skills. Several of her ougi are also ranged and have a slow start-up so careful positioning is required to use them. She is weak against Beast Type, and strong against Monster Type.

Ibaraki Douji - Summer Sky[]

Incognito Nobunaga[]

Incognito Nobunaga dual-wields water guns and is a Summer Event variation of Oda Nobunaga. She has boosts in rain, holy and flight, leaning mostly towards rain. Similarly to Oda Nobunaga, she has a negative crit rate bonus in exchange for extra crit force. Incognito Nobunaga is weak to fire and dark and all of her offensive skills have the same composition: 60% rain, 20% holy, 20% flight.


Ivys is a sword user who has skills which have a chance of granting invincibility in some form and/or guaranteeing a critical for the next attack for short durations. Her skills are mostly composed of her bonuses: fire, dark and slice. She also has boosts in attack, critical and normal attacks when swapped.


Izuna wields miko streamers and fights by summoning youkai for their skills. Although she does have an impact boost as her element bonus, very few of her skills actually have impact properties. Her skills are of many elements and are similar to wand skills in execution and composition; they are mostly 100% composed of an element or have a large percentage of their composition as a single element. She is weak against Soul Type, and strong against Specter Type.

Izuna Tri-Tail[]

Izuna Tri-Tail is an upgraded version of Izuna. She has higher bonuses such as +65 impact element and +70 critical force and also has more impact skills. Most of her other skills also have higher proportions of impact element.


Lancelot is a swords-user who has high bonuses for the rain and holy elements. She also has a significant bonus in the slice element. As a trade-off, she doesn't block much damage when guarding and is weak to impact, dark and lightning. Her skills are mostly all slice with a few of them being a mix of flight and slice, however, she has skills which converts slice element to holy element or slice to rain element for 30 seconds giving her those elements as options. Changing her costume to the Bloodsucker costume will give more skill options consisting mostly of dark element.

Lil' Musashi[]

'Lil' Musashi' is a younger kid version of the swordswoman Miyamoto Musashi. At this stage in her life she has not seemed to have developed her expert skills in swordsmanship. Similar to her older counterpart, she has bonuses in pierce, and holy element with the only difference being that she instead has impact as a bonus instead of slice. She is weak against Soul Type, and strong against Monster and Specter Type.


Lunastasia wields an odachi and has bonuses in attack and slice. Her attacks, however, include a variety of elements with many of her skills being from various weapon classes available to players.

Lunastasia Red Moon[]

A different version of Lunastasia with differences being purely aesthetic. She has a different name, skill names and effects (no differences in performance) and costume.


Matoi is a sword user whose main elements are slice, pierce and wind. She has a relatively high run speed of 25. She also has skills of the elements of Asuka and Matoi due to being able to summon them.

Miyamoto Musashi[]

Miyamoto Musashi is a swordswoman who has several aoe skills. Her element bonuses are slice, holy and pierce, however, among her skills are a mix of other elements such as fire, impact and lightning. She is weak against both Soul and Beast Type, and strong against Monster and Specter Type.

Oda Nobunaga[]

Oda Nobunaga dual-wields revolvers to fight at both close and long ranges. Her main elements are fire and dark, leaning slightly more towards fire. She also has a significant boost in Critical Force. As a trade-off, she has -10 critical and is weak to rain. Her movement speed is also one of the lowest of the partners, however, she can use skills to move quicker. Her dodges are replaced with short-range warping and many of her ougi also make her unhittable which make her also be able to fight face-on confrontations.

Ono no Komachi[]

Sakata Kintoki[]

Kintoki uses a variably-sized axe to fight allowing her to extend her reach. Many of her skills have a chance of giving item drop boosts and hp regen at low hp. Her main elements are impact, wind and rain. She is weak against Monster Type, and strong against Beast Type.

Sakata Kintoki the Idol[]

Sarutobi Sasuke[]

Sarutobi Sasuke uses shuriken to fight at various ranges. Her skills trigger self buffs depending on the stage at which they are released. She has a spread of moderate element bonuses: impact, fire, rain, wind and mountain elements. Most of her skills are a combination of impact and one of her other element bonuses.

Sarutobi Sasuke - Sailor's Suit[]

This version of Sarutobi Sasuke uses her weapon, 'Swimming Ring of Destruction' to attack. Her skills mostly consist of the impact and rain element. She is strong against Soul and Monster Type, and is weak against Specter and Beast Type.

Sasaki Kojirou[]

Sasaki is a predominantly close-range swordswoman and one of the more technical partners. Many of her skills require the first strike to hit or for the combo to be executed with timing in order to not misfire. Her main elements are dark and slice with most of her skills consisting of one or both. She is weak to holy and is also a bit weak against the impact and pierce elements. She is weak against Soul and Specter Type, and she is strong against Beast and Monster Type.

Kojirou (Flying Swallow)[]

Sasaki Kojirou (Flying Swallow) is alternate version of Sasaki Kojirou. This version's element bonuses consists of slice and dark. She is weak against Soul and Specter Type, and strong against Beast and Monster Type, just like her original version.

Shibata Katsuie[]

Shibata Katsuie is a swordswoman. Her element bonuses consist of pierce, impact, and mountain. She is weak against Soul Type, and strong against Specter and Beast Type.


Shuten-Douji wields an odachi, however, most of his skills are aoes. His element bonuses are for dark, fire and mountain. His skills mostly consist of the former two.

Spring Dawn Gawain[]

Spring Dawn Kenshin[]


Knight of a distant land, like Gawain & Lancelot. This archer's bow plays notes like a harp when it fires. She makes use of the wind element and has a weakness to beasts.

Uesugi Kenshin[]

Kenshin is a swordswoman and has many fast aoe skills. She has large bonuses for both slice and ice elements and large weaknesses for pierce and fire. She has increased critical damage and decreased effectiveness of guarding. Kenshin's skill compositions are mostly ice and slice with a few also containing flight element. Some of her skills have a chance of triggering attack bonuses for up to a minute.

Takeda Shingen[]

Shingen is an axe user who fights mostly at close-range. He has high bonuses for impact, mountain, fire and wind elements and is weak to rain and ice. His run speed is one of the lowest of the partners, however, he can use skills to move faster. Many of his skills are of impact element. Shingen can convert his impact element to wind, fire or mountain element for 20/60 seconds with skills. He is weak against Soul Type, and strong against Monster and Specter Type.


Sanzou is a staff user with bonuses in impact and holy, holy being the larger bonus. Most of her skills are holy or impact and many of them have none element components. Some of her skills can be used to self-buff herself.


Houou is a Twin swords-user whose main element is fire. She also has access to Oodachi and Bow. She has high bonuses for holy, impact and slice elements, critical damage, and has a high base movement speed of 40. As a trade-off, she is very weak against rain and dark element attacks.


Amanojaku wields a club, however, he also has a number of long range skills. He only uses skills composed of his element bonuses: impact, fire and mountain elements. He is strong against Beast and Monster Type, and weak against Specter and Soul type.


Six uses a sword to fight mostly at close-quarters. She has equal element bonuses for slice, lightning and mountain and is weak against ice and rain. Her skill compositions are mostly slice and lightning, and, to a lesser extent, mountain. Some of her skills are also partially composed of none element.


Ninety-Nine fights with a machine gun and uses it for both attacking and movement. Her bonuses are for pierce, lightning, fire and ice and her weaknesses are mountain and rain. She also has a 10% attack bonus when swapped. Ninety-Nine's skills mostly consist of fire or ice mixed with either lightning or pierce, or lightning mixed with pierce.

Maid Shizuka[]

Butler Miroku[]

Maeda Toshiie/Inuchiyo[]

Maeda Toshiie is a spear user whose skills consist of mainly pierce and wind. She has the ability to switch to Inuchiyo mode; as Inuchiyo, she has a different skill set with lightning and slice being the main elements.

Inuchiyo - Broken Seal[]


Chihiro is a sword user whose main elements are slice, lightning and flight. She also has skills of the elements of Asuka and Matoi due to being able to summon them.

Youkai Partners[]

In order to obtain the pet system as well as the player's first pet, the player will need to speak to Ashiya Douman located in Onigashima. After obtaining a summoning card, the player can then summon a Youkai as a pet through Douman. Pets have a random chance to come in a different color, such as the pink and black Kijimunas when the default is blue.

Pets have 4 different personality types, much like players. These types are as follows: Bravery, Confidence, Cowardice and Obedience. Unlike players, however, these personality types cannot be directly selected and are decided upon summoning. Along with these personality types, pets also have the same 5 primary stats as players: Pow, Vit, Wis, Mnd, and Dex. A major difference, however, is the inclusion of a ranking for each stat. A pet, when summoned, will have random rankings (each stat has its own rank) from D to B (A and S ranks are only obtainable through Synthesis), which affect the cost in points to level up that statistic as follows:

Rank D
Level Point Cost
1 - 22 5
23 - 34 6
35 - 44 7
45 - 51 8
52 - 56 9
57 - 61 10
62 - 66 11
67 - 69 12
70 - 73 13
74 - 76 14
77 - 78 15
79 - 81 16
82 - 83 17
84 - 85 18
86 - 88 19
89 20
90 - 91 21
92 - 93 22
94 - 95 23
96 24
97 - 98 25
99 26
100 27
Rank C
Level Point Cost
1 - 22 4
23 - 34 5
35 - 44 6
45 - 51 7
52 - 56 8
57 - 61 9
62 - 66 10
67 - 69 11
70 - 73 12
74 - 76 13
77 - 78 14
79 - 81 15
82 - 83 16
84 - 85 17
86 - 88 18
89 19
90 - 91 20
92 - 93 21
94 - 95 22
96 23
97 - 98 24
99 25
100 26
Rank B
Level Point Cost
1 - 22 3
23 - 34 4
35 - 44 5
45 - 51 6
52 - 56 7
57 - 61 8
62 - 66 9
67 - 69 10
70 - 73 11
74 - 76 12
77 - 78 13
79 - 81 14
82 - 83 15
84 - 85 16
86 - 88 17
89 18
90 - 91 19
92 - 93 20
94 - 95 21
96 22
97 - 98 23
99 24
100 25
Rank A
Level Point Cost
1 - 20 2
21 - 30 3
31 - 40 4
41 - 100 5
Rank S
Level Point Cost
1 - 20 1
21 - 30 2
31 - 40 3
41 - 100 4

In order to obtain the points to level up these stats, the player must level their pet. The pet may also start with a random number of skill points. Pets gain exp at a rate based on the level difference, however, the required experience matches a player's Experience Table.

The skill points gained by the pet can also be used to teach the pet new skills. Some pets may start with skills already learned and some do not. A pet may also not be able to learn every possible skill, or any at all. The skills differ from pet to pet.

Youkai Synthesis[]

Through Fusing Youkai, it is possible to raise the maximum level of a Youkai by 10. Depending on the consumed Youkai, there is a chance that the Youkai may have ranks increased and learn a skill. Similarly to smelting, the items Life Sigils of Luck, Great Fortune and Superb Fortune may be used to increase success rates and a Talisman of Victory may be used to undo a synthesis if added prior to synthesis.

Kijimuna Maiden[]

The Kijimuna Maiden and her variants are of Beast type. She fights with tonfa and has a run speed of 8m/s. Her skills are of a variety of elements.

Partner Kijimuna[]

The Kijimuna partner is of Beast type with a run speed of 3m/s. Its skills are mostly of impact and wind.

Partner Ittanmomen[]

The Ittanomen partner is of Specter type and has a run speed of 6.5m/s. Its skills are mostly wind and impact.

Mount Partners[]

Mounts are a type of partner which can be summoned to fight along side your character like any other partner, but can also be ridden at any time. To obtain a mount, the player must use its Manifestation Scroll. They provide a large movement speed boost and can execute skills with no cool down. Similarly to Special Partners, the player may switch the mount's skills, however, unlike Special Partners, the number of swaps is unlimited.

A mount can be used in Battle Mount mode as long as Stamina remains. The total amount of Stamina is based on the Awakening level and Stamina resets whenever you enter a new room so long as you aren't in a dungeon. Stamina is decreased through the use of skills and through taking damage when in Battle Mount mode. The attack of a mount is based on it's stats, level and the player's level as well as any attack bonuses that the mount has. All mounts attacks are largely of none element with only smaller percentages being elements.

Mount Parameters[]

When in Battle Mount mode, in addition to mount bonuses, only title bonuses are applied. Stamina is based on the Awakening Level. The weapon equipped (if any) does not matter.

Comparison of Mount Bonuses[]

Mount Type Atk Rear Atk Crit Force P.Atk Spd Movement Spd Default Stamina
Fuujin Specter 200 15 10 30 80 1200
Hound Dog Monster 160 10 30 5 70 1000
Ifrit Beast 150 30 20 30 80 1000
Raijin Specter 200 15 10 30 80 1200


Fuujin uses mostly wind skills with a few other elements in some skill compositions.

Hound Dog[]

Hound Dog mostly uses wind, fire and slice skills.


Ifrit mostly uses fire skills but also has some skill compositions with mountain, pierce, impact and slice elements.


Raijin's skills are largely composed of lightning element.

Oguchi Makami[]


Assist Partners[]

Assist Partners are partners which follow and helps the player according to the chosen settings once the player is in combat with an enemy or when within range of buff radius. The selectable A.I. settings are Offense Mode, Support Mode, Follow Mode, Order Designation 1. All of the options aside from Follow Mode are customizable. Choosing Follow Mode will make the partner follow using skills as it deems appropriate.

To level the Assist Partner, Exp Tickets from the Exp Ticket Hunt Warding Dungeons must be used. Other items such as the Covenant Scrolls used to summon these assist partners may also be given as exp, however, these are mainly used to increase the partner's maximum level cap once the partner has already been attained. When the Assist Partner is levelled, similarly to the player, the partner obtains stat points to spend. Stat choices are important because, aside from bonuses, they also determine which skills the partner is able to select.

In addition to stats, a player may also select weapons for the partner to equip to give the partner a higher attack and bonuses. The strength of these weapons is dependent on the weapons' levels, grades and rarities(rank). The number of equippable weapons can be increased by fulfilling certain conditions such as the partner reaching certain levels. If the player so chooses, it is also possible to bind the weapons to the partner to increase their strength, however, unbinding the weapons will cost OC. Only certain weapon types may be equipped.

When an Assist Partner dies, the player can either use a Prayer Crystal or wait for the hp of the partner to be completely filled before summoning the partner again. All Assist Partners are able to attack, heal, cast sp regen and cast buffs.


Wields a spear and uses mostly fire attacks. She is able to buff attack, fire element, run speed, p.atk spd and cool down.

Parvus Gargoyle[]

Wields a spear and has fire attacks. She is a downgraded version of Gargoyle and has weaker skills of the same set as Gargoyle. She also has slightly worse stat growth rates compared to Gargoyle except for the slight increase in Dex growth.

Satan Girl[]

Wields twin swords and has many tradeof buffs. She has weaker heals but also has stronger attacks. Her attacks are mostly of the lightning and lightning/dark elements. Satan Girl can cast large attack boosts at the expense of pDef/mDef. She can increase the player's lightning element and she can reduce Stamina consumption. She can also increase Crit Force at the expense of Crit Rate and reduce cool down time at the expense of SP consumption.

Tohoku Kiritan[]



Kotonoha Aoi

Kotonoha Aoi Summer Song