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"A flying youkai that sucks human blood. Once a woman who made a contract with a demon in exchange for beauty, she broke the contract and was turned into her current form. The consequence for breaking the contract was severe and she became exceptionally ugly, with her innards hanging out from below her neck. They attack young women and suck their blood in order to vent their resentment. I should caution Yoshitsune-chan and Ibaraki Douji-san..." Penanggalan

Variation of PenanggalanEdit




Rain PenanggalanEdit

  • Rain Penanggalan

Rain Penanggalan

Fire PenanggalanEdit

  • Fire Penanggalan

Fire Penanggalan

Lightning PenanggalanEdit

  • Lightning Penanggalan

Lightning Penanggalan

Penanggalan (Explosion)Edit

  • Penanggalan (Explosion)

Penanggalan (Explosion)

  • Nature: Spirit
  • Location: This is being summoned by another yokai. (ex: Dragon Ark)
  • Notes: When you touch this, it will explode.

Other VariationEdit

Penanggalan (Explosion)Edit

  • Penanggalan (Explosion)

Penanggalan (Explosion)

  • Nature: Spirit
  • Aramitama: 5th Aramitama 無明
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