If you are looking for fightable, boss Youkai of Phoenix Hideri Inferno, please see Hiderigami.

Background Edit

Phoenix Hideri Inferno is brothers with Phoenix Hideri Sun and they live in Suzaku Mansion. He is one the guardians of the Suzaku Jewel with his brother and only by defeating them will the player be able to obtain the jewel to make the Four Gods Jewel.

They haven't fought anyone in such a long time that when they fought the player their joints became stiff. When the player arrived he helped loosen them up which inadvertently created a pent up heat wave to burst outside of the Yamataikoku Underground Cavern and pass through Kumaso Village.

Phoenix Hideri Inferno lets his brother, Phoenix Hideri Sun, do most of the talking and only speaks up to agree with any questions directed towards him by simply saying "That's right!" or "Yep!" to every question.

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