If you are looking for the fightable, boss Youkai of Phoenix Hideri Sun, please see Hiderigami.

Background Edit

Phoenix Hideri Sun is one of the guardians of the Suzaku Jewel along with his brother, Phoenix Hideri Inferno. He lives in Suzaku Mansion and waits for any challengers to come and claim the jewel by defeating him and his brother in combat. Only through combat can a person claim this ancient jewel, not even lords of Yamataikoku can ask for it, but prove their worth to the brothers.

When the player first arrived he was pretty stiff during the fight, but afterwards the fight gave him renewed energy. This new found energy caused heat, he and his brother created, to exit the cave and cause a massive heat wave to fall over Kumaso Village. He accepts any challenge from the player to help keep his bones loose since he doesn't have to guard the Suzaku Jewel anymore.

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