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Yoshitsune returns to the earlier conversation (Impressions of Onigashima quest) about Onigashima's independence. Yoshitsune explains that in the Shogunate there are two forms of independent goverment; those that are approved by the Shogunate and those that aren't. Onigashima belongs to the former, while Yamataikoku belongs to the latter.

Kiichihougen is like the player, who is allowed to leave Onigashima. The heads of the independent governments are allowed to visit the Shogunate grounds, but Yoshitsune wonders if the player has ever seen Kiichihougen interact with others outside of Onigashima. Though Kiichihougen's voice is naturally loud, he handles himself flawlessly with poise and grace. Yoshitsune has heard he is in particularly good terms with the nobles of Kyoto. Kiichihougen is a hard man to read, and Yoshitsune has only seen him at the Imperial Court before. Yoshitsune was surprised to have seen a different side of Kiichihougen on Onigashima that is completely different from her views of him at court.

Returning to the topic of Onigashima's independence, Yoshitsune drops the fact that the Shogunate only recognized Onigashima's sovereignty about 100 years ago. Yoshitsune has heard that the name of the leader who traveled to the Shogunate to apply for recognition of sovereignty was named Kiichi....

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