SP is used to activate skills, and the amount available can be seen alongside the HP bar, below the player's avatar and above the player's skills. SP is recovered either passively, through SP charging, which replaces the ability to block on staves and wands, or through consumable items that recover SP.

SP RecoveryEdit

SP ChargingEdit


By holding the Shift key while holding a staff or wand, the player can recover SP more quickly than through Passive SP Recovery. Doing so will consume the durability of the weapon in hand, and once the weapon has broken, it cannot be used to charge SP. The "SP Recovery" stat in the status screen may affect the rate that SP is recovered through the method.

Passive SP RecoveryEdit

Once every 7 seconds, a small amount of SP is recovered by the player. This amount is not affected by the "SP Recovery" stat in any way. Instead, 2% of the player's Max SP in addition to a set amount determined by the player's Mnd is recovered. The information on Passive SP Recovery has been provided by Argentum's Mana Regeneration Research Thread.

Table showing Mnd and Passive SP Recovery
Mnd SP Recovery
0 4
10 10
20 14
30 18
40 24
50 30
60 36
70 44
80 54
90 64
100 74

110 Mnd and above do not increase the amount of Passive SP Recovery granted by Mnd.


The following items recover a certain amount of SP upon consumption.

Name Effect

SP ReductionEdit

Each point of SP Reduction reduces SP consumption by 1%. This reduction is applied after any flat SP Reduction bonuses the player may have (Including the reduction from wisdom).

SP Reduction through WisdomEdit

Wisdom grants a flat SP Cost Reduction to Staff and Wand skills. The amount granted is shown below

Table showing Wis and SP Cost Reduction
Wis SP Cost Reduction
0 0
10 5
20 10
30 16
40 24
50 32
60 40
70 50
80 65
90 80
100 100

Items related to SPEdit

The following items affect SP in one way or another.

Name Effect
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