Sasaki is a wandering swordswoman hunting Miyamoto Musashi. She has an abrasive personality, acting short-tempered with most humans and yokai she encounters. She also, however, has a yandere side that only comes out while stalking her rival.

Story & LoreEdit

About 90 years ago, there was a famous swordsman who battled Miyamoto Musashi in Ganryujima… this is the 4th generation from that line of swordsmen.

She has undertaken grueling training to take her fencing techniques to the next level and kill Miyamoto Musashi. She certainly spilled some blood to get her new power, but fueled by her fixation on putting an end to Musashi's life, Kojirou didn’t think much of the arduous training regime.

After some digging around she found the perfect dress for slaying Musashi and swears this is her lucky dress. She also found her precious blade the "Bizen Nagamitsu" in storage! This weapon has been endowed with a soul of its own and has become self-aware. This is the beloved blade of the first generation Kojirou, it has exchanged blows with Musashi’s "Yamoto no Kuni no Kunimune", and has had some unparalleled encounters with the blade.

Nagamitsu is capable of speaking and can be heard nagging at Kojirou. In turn Kojirou just continues on with what looks like mindless soliloquy. Kojirou pays no mind to what others think of her.


Sasaki is a predominantly close-range swordswoman and one of the more technical partners. Many of her skills require the first strike to hit or for the combo to be executed with timing in order to not misfire. Her main elements are dark and slice with most of her skills consisting of one or both. She is weak to holy and is also a bit weak against the impact and pierce elements.




"What are you looking at?! This outfit isn’t for you to gawk at! It’s made for slaying Musashi--These are my lucky threads."

"Swallowtail Reversal!"

"Musashi-san… Musashi-san… Musashi-san… Hehehe"


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