Douman is at it again with his summoning, and this time he summoned a girl with the powers of Satan. Compared to Parvus and Gargoyle she is more aware of her "Kamikui" strength. She seems to have her eyes on you, so you better watch out…?!  It seems the cause of her summoning is the ink that Douman used while writing the magical barriers. When she was summoned a fierce wave of power surged throughout all the surroundings and all the small yokai were flung away in a mere instant.  Despite all her harsh words and dangerous looking appearance, she seems like she is not out to hurt Douman. She even enjoys the company of her gargoyle sisters and is spending her days full of laughter.  She seems to not like regular food, instead she prefers the cute sweets that she can be found gawking over in the spreads of magazine specials.


D3 Combo

Glorious Run - I

Glorious Run - II

Glorious Run - III

Annihilation - I

Annihilation - II

Annihilation - III

Rapid Lightning - I

Rapid Lightning - II

Rapid Lightning - III

Treason Pillar - I

Treason Pillar - II

Treason Pillar - III

Brilliant Falls - I

Brilliant Falls - II

Brilliant Falls - III

Atrocious Claw - I

Atrocious Claw - II

Atrocious Claw - III

Execution Kiss - I

Execution Kiss - II

Execution Kiss - III

Imperative Ray - I

Imperative Ray - II

Imperative Ray - III

Shocking Cleave - Heal I

Shocking Cleave - Heal II

Shocking Cleave - Heal III

Shocking Cleave - Heal+ I

Shocking Cleave - Heal++ I

Shocking Cleave - Magic I

Shocking Cleave - Magic II

Shocking Cleave - Attack I

Shocking Cleave - Attack II

Shocking Cleave - Attack III

Shocking Cleave - Attack IV

Shocking Cleave - Attack V

Shocking Cleave - Thunder I

Shocking Cleave - Thunder II

Shocking Cleave - Thunder III

Shocking Cleave - Thunder IV

Shocking Cleave - Stamina I

Shocking Cleave - Stamina II

Shocking Cleave - Critical I

Shocking Cleave - Critical II

Shocking Cleave - Cut I

Shocking Cleave - Cut II

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