A Cypher with Crimson Cross Cut VI and VII, Piercing Venom VII, Ougi Thunder Beast and Ougi True Spirit Blast.

In Onigiri Online, up to 3 Skills and 2 Ougi, the most powerful skills, can be attached to weapons. Each skill can have multiple ranks, with each rank being a different, more powerful version of the skill that may be modified slightly from the previous rank. Currently, all Ougi skills have one additional rank. In addition, each rank of a skill can gain levels with usage, making the skill stronger. Skill levels are linked to the player rather than individual weapons.

Most weapons will have 3 skills upon acquisition, but certain weapons such as Artisan's Treasure Swords do not come with skills. Skills can still be attached using Skill Cards.

Skills can be used by selecting them through the hotkeys 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, or rotating through them with Q then right-clicking with the mouse to cast the selected spell. Each skill has its own durability and SP usage.

Skill PropertiesEdit

Property Description
Rank Each Rank of a Skill is seperate from every other Rank of that Skill. As most Skills increase in Rank, its properties such as Skill Force, Cooldown, SP cost, Durability Cost, and Combo Count may increase. Skills may also have their projectile count, AoE, or Range increase. Furthermore Skills can have their Elemental Composition altered when their Rank is increased. Skills can have their Rank increased through either Momotarou or by selecting the "Skill Evolution V" smelting option when smelting the weapon they are on.
Level When a Skill increases in Level, its Skill Force increases. Regardless of whether they are on different weapons, two of the same Skills with the same Rank will always be the same level. Note that skills such as Sacrifice which can be found on the Sword, Odachi, Axe and Twin Sword weapon types are considered different skills on different weapon types.
Skill Force Skill Force directly affects the damage of a Skill. However, it does not fully express the damage output of a skill. Skills with Combo Counts and Skills with multiple projectiles, among other skills, hit multiple times causing the total Skill Force to be higher than what is shown.
SP Cost The SP Cost of using the Skill. SP is deducted when the Skill is cast.
Durability Cost The Durability Cost of using the Skill. Durability is only deducted from your weapon when the Skill has hit successfully.
Elemental Composition On weapons other than Wands and Staves, the Slice, Pierce and Impact Elements are present on nearly every Skill. Wands and Staves do not contain Skills of multiple elements, while the rest of the weapons can have their Skills partially affected by Element stats.
Combo Count Certain Skills cause red fireballs to appear above your HP and SP bars, like autoattacks do. Like autoattacking, you can either repeatedly click the right mouse button or hold it to continue the combo. Each part of the Combo uses up a set amount of Durability, while SP is consumed only at the beginning of a combo.
Damage Coefficient Skills such as Arrow Rain only show the amount of damage per portion of the skill. Hence, the total Skill Force can be calculated as SkillForce*DamageCoefficient. The exact Damage Coefficient of each skill is not explicitly stated, but can be calculated.
Stat Requirement Healing and Buffing Skills of Staves require approximately (Skill Rank*10) Mnd to have any effect. If the player has insufficient Mnd, the amount of HP recovered through Healing will be 10 regardless of other stats, and Buffs will have a chance of failure.

Skill EvolutionEdit

Skill evolution is available through Momotarou and allows the player to increase the rank of skills that they have maxed. A skill is not always evolveable, several requirements must first be met. That is, to be evolveable, a skill

- Must be evolveable on a weapon, as shown in the image to the below. Note that this is randomly generated upon obtaining the weapon, and does not occur from skill change. Only the skills that are generated when the weapon is initialized may have evolution potential.

Evolveable skills

- Must be maxed.

- Momotarou must be the required level.

- Some skills may have multiple borders, indicating multiple possible evolutions. 

Skill Extraction and Skill CardsEdit

Skill ExtractionEdit

Available through Momotarou, Skill Extraction allows the player to obtain Skill Cards in exchange for skill levels of the extracted skill. The maximum rank of skills that can be extracted is determined by the level of Momotarou's Skill Extraction. Ougi Skills cannot be extracted.


Talking to Momotarou brings up a list of extractable skills.


Clicking the Extract button shows more information about the skill to confirm the extraction.

Required Momotarou Level 8 11 14 17 21
Skill Levels Subtracted 9 14 19 24 29

Skill Cards Edit

The extracted skill card can be used through the inventory to apply a specified skill onto a weapon. A random skill will be replaced unless there is an empty slot available, such as in the case of Ougi Skills. If the weapon already has the skill of the same rank on the skill card attached to it, the skill card cannot be used.

Skills by WeaponEdit

SwordSword OdachiOdachi Twin SwordTwin Swords AxeAxe SpearSpear BowBow StaffStaff WandWand
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