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Acting Chief Takeru has been getting comments saying that the way he dresses doesn't compliment his age. They say he should dress more fashionably for his young age. Acting Chief Takeru decides to try this idea out and think the best way to become more fashionable is to wear some Blackened Rose-coloured Glasses.

Acting Chief Takeru sees the passing player and asks him to acquire him some Blackened Rose-coloured Glasses so he can try them out. The player returns quickly with the glasses and Acting Chief Takeru decides to try them on and see how everyone likes his new "fashionable" attire.

Acting Chief Takeru decides to walk through Kumaso Village to see how the people will like his new pair of glasses when he meets up with Darumaru the Diminutive. Darumaru the Diminutive starts to recognize Acting Chief Takeru and begins to wave a simple hello to him when Darumaru doesn't think it actually is Acting Chief Takeru, but a pervert! Darumaru the Diminutive starts to back away screaming at the top of his lungs for the pervert to get away from him. Acting Chief Takeru tries to explain that it is him, not a pervert, but Darumaru the Diminutive doesn't see the resemblance and continues to scream about a pervert and "Bad touch! Bad Touch!". Acting Chief Takeru slinks back to the player, already taken off the glasses, saying that maybe he wasn't meant for fashion and he would rather stick with his normal clothes.

Quest Completed.

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