Bow1Tenryuu Newborn - HeavenRare9
Tenryuu Newborn - Heaven Category Bow Level Requirement 115
Rarity Gold Attack Range 3475 ~ 3845
(Grade 100)
Base Durability 1200
Enhanceable? Yes Innate Effects ■A bonus of 2 damage is dealt depending on the value of Fire Element during a critical hit, at a rate of 10%. *Damage cap cannot be exceeded
■Holy Element+20
■Fire Element+20
■Dark Element-30
■Rank 6+ Bow Skill Force+10%
■If Dex: 120 or more, Holy Element+40
■If Dex: 100 or more, Fire Element+40
Western Weapon
Repairable? Yes Innate Skills ●Ougi Tenryuu Expelling Flame - VI
Tradable? Yes Obtained From None
Recipe From

Assault! Dragon Ark Tenshou Hell (1-5 players) - Dragon Ark Tenshou

Reward From None
Selling Price 600,000 Crafted From Tenryuu Newborn - Stratos +15
Aidama x50
Light Stone x50
Inferno Stone x50
Tenryuu Bone x3
Tenryuu Jewel x1
Quest Reward None
Can Be Smithed Into Datenryuu Newborn - Night Sky
"A bow with a cute little dragon adorning it. You couldn't make something like this unless you were a master craftsman, because the soul of a dragon actually resides within the bow! There's a story that if you were to shoot an arrow from this bow at the heavens with all of your might, the skies will be enveloped in a brilliant light. Although bathed in waves of light and surrounded by divine sparks, there seems to be no problem for the wielder."

Weapon AnimationEdit

Tenryuu Newborn - Heaven

Tenryuu Newborn - Heaven

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