Story Edit

Momotarou tells the player that he better watch his back, as he will kill him someday. Momotarou has a hate for all Oni living and says he wants to eradicate them all. Ibaraki Douji hears that and asks if he is picking a fight with her. Momotarou is taken aback by that, and tells her to piss off since it has nothing to do with her. Ibaraki Douji exclaims that she is an Oni too, to Momotarou's surprise. Momotarou's rage intensifies now, saying that Ibaraki isn't an Oni, but a cat, which he hates with a passion too. Ibaraki asks what is wrong with him and questions what is he anyways. He isn't even human. Miroku sees the discussion heating up and steps between them to try and cool off the conversation before it gets deadly.

The conversation has already strode into battle mode and Ibaraki Douji and Momotarou try to get Miroku out of their way so they can beat the other up. Miroku quickly simmers down the conversation by giving Momotarou a grasshopper, and Ibaraki Douji the promise of a sale on Ginjo Sake just on the other side of the room. Miroku, happy with his work, turns to the player, and warns him about the really weird guy after him.

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