Axe1Thunderjaw Gibbet - BoltRare9
Thunderjaw Gibbet - Bolt Category Axe Level Requirement 110
Rarity Gold Attack Range 8097 ~ 10796
(Grade 100)
Base Durability 1000
Enhanceable? Yes Innate Effects ■Basic Combo+50%
■Lightning Element+30
■Mountain Element+20
■Fire Element-20
■Wind Element-15
■Rank 5+ Axe Skill Force+10%
■If under Remaining HP:50%, Rank 5+ Axe Skill Force+15%
■If under Remaining HP:25%, Rank 3+ Axe Skill Force+15%
Repairable? Yes Innate Skills ●Basic Combo - Thunder
●Ougi Thunderblast Embers - V
Tradable? Yes Obtained From None
Recipe From

Assault! Levinlance Gargoyle - Levinlance Gargoyle Hard (1-5 players)

Reward From None
Selling Price 300,000 Crafted From Thunderjaw Gibbet +10
Levinlance Grudge x4
Levinlance Wing x3
Aesculapian Coin x2
Fox Charm x1
Quest Reward None
Can Be Smithed Into Thunderjaw Gibbet - Storm
"A gaudy yellow axe with a fearsome face, said to have been used to lop the heads off of criminals. I heard that its bright blade houses a powerful electric current which grew brighter and stronger the moment its victim's heart stops...Yikes! The way it sparkles is so pret-yowch! That stings!"
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