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"While walking on a mountain ridge I found one suddenly appear behind me.It's quite frightening, but they're actually gentle youkai that will follow you to make sure you're all right when you're traveling through the mountain. Still it's quite a shock for most people and usually run away in panic and get lost. Because of that they have a bad reputation as youkai that lead people astray. Poor things, they only mean well..." 20140713 113642

Variation of TsuchikorobiEdit




Rain TsuchikorobiEdit

  • Rain Tsuchikorobi

Rain Tsuchikorobi

Earth TsuchikorobiEdit

  • Earth Tsuchikorobi

Earth Tsuchikorobi

Flame TsuchikorobiEdit

  • Flame Tsuchikorobi

Flame Tsuchikorobi

Thunder TsuchikorobiEdit

  • Thunder Tsuchikorobi

Thunder Tsuchikorobi

Other VariationEdit

Rain TsuchikorobiEdit

  • Rain Tsuchikorobi

Rain Tsuchikorobi

  • Nature: Spirit
  • Aramitama: 5th Aramitama 無明

Huge Ice TsuchikorobiEdit

  • Huge Ice Tsuchikorobi

Huge Ice Tsuchikorobi

  • Nature: Spirit
  • Dungeon: 侵蝕する大禍
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