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Vernoica is presented to the player as an antagonist, who is a part of an underground organization based around releasing the Kamikui from their bindings. He works with several others, including Basara, and Hillary. One of his featured powers affected Susanoo, forcing the god to follow the pink haired brat's actions until the player's aura manages to overhwhelm him. The dress wearing boy also has the power to control Kamikui, and order them as he wishes. As evidenced in Kyoto, he also harbors the ability to destroy barriers simply by standing in front of them. 

Veronica is also part of a second group of individuals collectively known as traps. The pink haired boy also demonstrates several homosexual tendancies, often refering to Susanoo as an object of desire. 

Location Edit

Veronica doesn't have a single location where you can find him. As of the Kusatsu patch revision, interactions with Vernoica are almost exclusively limited to cutscenes. He mainly appears during the main quests and then runs off shortly afterwards. Veronica is first seen in the Cave of Nakisawame during the quest "Miasma Cleanup Operation", and reappears during the quest "To Yomotsuhirasaka" at the end of the dungeon before disappearing again. Later on, he is found again at the entrance to Kyoto during the quest "To Kyoto" and then appears at the end of the dungeon Mount Kurama during the quest "To Mount Kurama". Afterwards, he is found once again at the end of the Kaga quest line.

Trivia Edit

  • Veronica is a boy.
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