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Yoshitsune (義経 yoshitsune) is one of the characters in Onigiri Online. She is the next to join the party after Lady Shizuka, making her the second member.


Being a militant, Yoshitsune seems to be the ideal leader for missions like the one the player goes on. But because she sticks to her virtues a bit too much at times, she tends to be hard on herself and also on others. But this does not stop her from spoiling Lady Shizuka, who she is determined to protect with her life.

Being a proper woman of the miltary, Yoshitsune has had little time to mess with cultural wear and casual behaviors. She would prefer the practical more than the exotic for the reason.


Yoshitsune has been trained to be an expert demon hunter and also the guardian to the Shogunate. As a demon hunter, she has been trained in the art of the sword, both in its use and the enhancement of it. Growing up alongside Shizuka, the two have been good friends for a long time.

Right about the time Shizuka ran away from home, Yoshitsune immediately begged for a long "vacation" in order to search for Shizuka.


Yoshitsune has trained herself in the art of the sword, and for such cases has become somewhat of a blacksmith for herself. With this, she can craft, repair, smelt and even enhance weapons.

Sword Skills[]

  • Void Slash - I
  • Empty Sky Slash - III
  • Leaping Strike - I
  • Blue Fang Blade - III
  • Crimson Sword - II


Through Yoshitsune, it is possible to increase the overall performance of one's weapon by enhancing it. This is done by using another item as a medium to increase the performance level of the weapon the player wishes to enhance. Note that the finer quality the medium is, the greater the enhancement. Also, a weapon can't be enhanced by a medium that is 20 levels or below its own (note, this is not the enhancement level, but the level requirement to equip the weapon).

Every ten upgrade levels, a weapon requires to be smelted in order for the next ten enchantment levels to be unlocked. Smelting also bestows minor stat bonuses onto the weapon, including basic combo damage, attack speed, skill force, and many others. At higher smelting levels, such as when a player attempts to unlock +60, smelting has a chance to destroy the weapon in the case that it fails. However, protective items can be applied to work around this aspect. The maximum enchantment level is +100.

Raising Yoshitsune's affection level will increase the maximum smelt level and also increase the chances of success for it.

Notes: The Weapon Enhancement Quest must be completed.

Weapon Enhancement
Job Level Enhancement Point Scale Factor Maximum # of time can be Smelted Success Rate Bonus
1 1.00 2 0.0
4 1.05 3 2.0
8 1.11 4 4.0
12 1.18 6 6.0
16 1.26 7 8.0
20 1.35 9 10.0
24 1.36 9 10.0
28 1.47 9 10.0


Yoshitsune is capable of creating weapons, as long as the player has given her the recipe scrolls for them. At the cost of certain specific items and one weapon that has been enhanced to a certain level, she can create such weapons for the player.

Raising Yoshitsune's affection level will unlock more smithable weapons and increase the grade of the smithed weapons.

Notes: The Crafting the Oninodachi quest must be completed.

Sword Smithing[]

Odachi Smithing[]

Twin Sword Smithing[]

Axe Smithing[]

Spear Smithing[]

Bow Smithing[]

Wand Smithing[]

Staff Smithing[]


Weapons wear out over the time it is used. For that sake, Yoshitsune has the ability to repair it. When repairing though, she has the chance of doing two other things than repairing the weapon back to its original state: on certain occassions, she'll accidentally weaken the weapon, which can lead to less durability. But, on an even rarer occassion, she can strengthen it, increasing its durability slightly.

Raising Yoshitsune's affection level will increase the success rate of normal repair, decrease the chances of weakening the weapon and increase the chances of strengthening the weapon. Also, it will reduce how much the weapon is weakened when such an event occurs.

Repair Table
Job Level High Success Ratio Success Rate Failure Rate Maximum Durability Decrease in amount of Great Repair Success Amount Reduction Failure Amount Reduction
1 10.0 75.0 15.0 -10 0 50
5 10.0 75.0 15.0 -10 0 50
9 10.0 75.0 15.0 -15 0 45
13 15.0 70.0 15.0 -15 0 45
17 15.0 70.0 15.0 -15 0 45
21 20.0 65.0 15.0 -20 0 40
25 20.0 65.0 15.0 -20 0 40
29 20.0 65.0 15.0 -20 0 40
Ability Friendship Level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Battle 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 45 48 51 54 57 60 63 66 69 72 75 78 81 84 87 90
Grinding See Grinding Above
Swordsmith Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3 Lv.4 Lv.5 Lv.6 Lv.7 Lv.8
Repair See Repair Above

Partnership Exp[]

Partnership Exp
Level Exp Level Exp Level Exp
1 0 11 1,140 21 4,830
2 30 12 1,380 22 5,430
3 60 13 1,620 23 6,060
4 120 14 1,890 24 6,720
5 210 15 2,190 25 7,470
6 300 16 2,520 26 8,250
7 420 17 2,910 27 9,120
8 570 18 3,330 28 10,050
9 750 19 3,780 29 11,040
10 930 20 4,290 30 12,090

Partnership Level[]

  • Notes: Max Partnership Lv: 27
Partnership Settings
Level Partneship Name Occurrence Quest Required Quest
1 Teammate
2 Teammate I didn't think she'd go so far Repairing the Seal
Yoshitsune's Weapon Repair
3 Teammate Lady Shizuka's Stubborness Evacuation Order
I didn't think she'd go so far
4 Teammate Lady Shizuka's Favorite Foods To Kumaso Village
Lady Shizuka's Stubborness
5 Cooperating On Break To Sakurajima
Lady Shizuka's Favorite Foods
6 Cooperating Regarding Weapons To the Underground Caverns
On Break
7 Cooperating Impressions of Onigashima To the Room of Rites
Regarding Weapons
8 Cooperating Regaring Kiichi Impressions of Onigashima
9 Cooperating Lady Shizuka's Dancing Miasma Cleanup Operation
Regaring Kiichi
10 Trusting Relationship with Lady Shizuka Yoshitsune of Kyoto
Lady Shizuka's Dancing
11 Trusting Who needs makeup Relationship with Lady Shizuka
12 Trusting Regarding Benkei The Guard's Uniform
Who needs makeup
13 Trusting Regarding my Master Invitation from a Shikigami
Regarding Benkei
14 Trusting My standing in the Shogunate To Mount Kurama
Regarding my Master
15 Strong Bonds Masayoshi of the Shogunage My standing in the Shogunate
Eliminate the Western Commander or Eliminate the Eastern Commander
16 Strong Bonds With Benkei Masayoshi of the Shogunage
17 Strong Bonds Ushiwakamaru With Benkei
18 Strong Bonds Kamikui Individuality Ushiwakamaru
Ressurrection Investigation
19 Strong Bonds Admiring Sekigahara Decisive Battle at Sekigahara Eastern Armies or Decisive Battle at Sekigahara Western Armies
Kamikui Individuality
20 You've got my back To Koshi-no-Shiraen
Admiring Sekigahara
21 You've got my back Crimes To Hokurikudo
22 You've got my back To Kusatsu
23 You've got my back
24 You've got my back To Edo
25 Shared Fate
26 Shared Fate To Kodenmachou
27 Shared Fate An Errand at the Charcoal Store!
28 Shared Fate Misty Moon
29 Shared Fate Misty Moon
30 Fish & Water Misty Moon


Yoshitsune face
Yoshitsune mini



Killed Enemy:






Give Present:


Level Up:


As a Partner[]

Main article: Partner System


As a partner in battle, Yoshitsune uses her Checkered Katana (市松刀 ichimatsu gatana). This sword may not have much reach in comparison to other weapons, but in turn it grants Yoshitsune a mediocre-fast attack speed combo and a relatively good damage output.

  • Outside of battle, Yoshitsune is your blacksmith. In order to keep a good arsenal of weapons in good shape, it's best to have her in at least the moderate priority. For those who like to fight more than adventure, she should be one of your top priorities.
  • As a warrior, the katana she wields may be the most common and basic weapon of choice, but as you level her up, the damage she inflicts increases.

Affection Item[]

Her favorite affection item is the Friendship Paperback. Her least favorite is the Friendship Model Kit. Her favored special affection item is the affection lion-dog.


  • On August 9, 2013 (same date as the EN Alpha testing's closing date), Ouka, cosplaying as Yoshitsune, was given to Cosmic Break! EN Players through a code.
    • In Cosmic Break! JP, Sakura (the female player mascot) was given to Onigiri JP Closed-Beta players, with 20+ level. However, this does not apply to Cosmic Break! EN players since Sakura was in Onigiri Gara.
  • She is a reference to the historical figure Minamoto no Yoshitsune.
    • Yoshitsune is one of the characters in the game whose gender is opposite that of her cultural counterpart. (Historically, "he" is male but in-game, she is female.)
    • The story of Yoshitsune is very framed between historical facts and some associated with Japanese folklore. His life has been reviewed from classical and traditional works of the period as the Heike Monogatari to video games, movies, manga and anime of the latest.