This quest is part of a group of main quests, please see "Kyoto Information Gathering" for all 7 quests.

Story Edit

Soon after everyone headed their separate ways to look for Amaterasu, Yoshitsune headed off to the Yellow Dragon Spire to testify on Benkei's behalf. Though she went in to testify for him, she was placed on standby and and had nothing to do until the player arrived.

After the player came over to talk to Yoshitsune, the player told her about how Lady Shizuka went out of her way to help a Nue. Yoshitsune didn't worry about Lady Shizuka since that was exactly how she expected her to be when she told her not to get into any trouble. Yoshitsune heads off to reconvene with the others since she has been placed on standby.

Quest Completed.

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